‘Release Your Inner Badass’ Highlights | David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech – Part 1

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					‘Release Your Inner Badass’ Highlights | David Sharpe’s
Inspirational Speech – Part 1 sharpes- inspirational- speech?id=powerkeg   February 5, 2013

Steve Kallock

David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech in Austin Texas shows a man
stepping into his power

A couple of weeks ago I attended the ‘Release Your Inner Badass‘ event in Austin Texas.

One of the most amazing experiences, I was able to witness….

….was David Sharpe’s inspirat ional speech that he delivers at the Empower Network event.

The 19 minute speech was powerful.

In this post, you can see part one of his speech.

This first part of David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech shows how far the
man has come
(David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech Part 1)
David Sharpe just a few years ago was homeless, addicted to drugs, and spent time in jail.

You can hear his story outlined in the video.

And to come out on stage and have a check for $1.8 million waiting for him….

….had to feel pretty special.

So when David Sharpe’s Inspirat ional Speech begins, he reflects on where he was just a short
time ago.

From homeless to online millionaire, in a few short years, is remarkable.

And I think it is why he has such command when he speaks.

You can hear the emotion coming through every word.

And for someone to live through the hell he did, and come out the other side….

….makes you want to follow him.

And it also makes this a success story that anyone can relate to.

If David Sharpe can do what he did….

What is my excuse?

What is yours?

David Sharpe’s Inspirational Speech is a story of hope

This is just the beginning of this powerful 19 minute speech.

In the next two parts, it continues to grow.

It comes back to the power of these events.

David Sharpe’s Inspirational speech is something that anyone can learn from.

It is the story of the underdog overcoming great adversity.

It is the story of a man who asked for help when he knew he couldn’t do it himself.

It is a st ory of hope.

And sometimes that is all you need.

Sometimes, all you need is an example.

Someone that has done it before you.

Someone that has overcome great odds.

And the amazing part is that David Sharpe simply followed this ’3 step formula.’
And that formula produced the $1.8 million check you see in the video.

Now this does not guarantee you that you will get a check that big in your first 14 months.

Let’s be real here (see income disclaimer).

But the fact that it has been done, means it is possible.

And when you hear David Sharpe speak….

….there is nothing but conviction in his voice.

That same conviction comes from seeing his team producing amazing results.

And when someone steps into their ‘power’ and you get to witness it….

….you can’t help but feel empowered too.

One thing I learned seeing

David Sharpe’s Inspirational speech in Austin Texas, is that anything you put your heart into….

….and simply follow a successful blueprint, you can achieve greatness.

P.S. To see the ‘successful blue print’ click the banner below, enter your best email address, and
watch the FREE VIDEO presentation:

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