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									                Compliant Cribs by Manufacturer/Vendor
                                 Consumer Product Safety Commission,
                                  Rule 16 CFR Parts 1219, 1220, 1500

Angeles Cribs
Sold by ECMD and Discount School Supply

Angeles cribs manufactured and sold after 1-24-11 with the following model numbers
meet the new standards*
 Models DC203NP-L, DC204NP-L and DC207NP
 Models DC221, DC222 and DC226.

*Only these Angeles models will comply with the new federal requirements
for cribs used in a professional child care setting.

 Certificate of Compliance downloadable from ECMD website

    Certificate of Compliance downloadable from Discount School Supply website

No cribs manufactured or sold prior to December 22, 2010 are compliant. Only new
cribs manufactured by “Foundations” are compliant with new CPSC regulations.

Compliant Cribs:
 Kaplan SecureHold, Model #s C1-70551* and C1-70550*
 Metal Evacuation Window Crib, Model # C1-87087
 Deluxe Folding Crib, Model #C1-85382
 Arched White Mini Crib, Model# C1-84365
 Safety Craft Crib, Model# 70745
 Serenity Crib, Model# 20245
                                        *evacuation kits available for these models

Upon request, Kaplan can provide you a certification of compliance (COC) for any crib
they sell

Community Playthings
All Community Playthings cribs manufactured after August 11, 2010 comply with the
new CPSC Rule, 16 CFR 1220
 Certificate of Compliance downloadable from website

Heavy Duty Safety Cribs are fully compliant with 2011 CPSC regulations
 Model #s CS213, CS214 and CS217

Disclosure: This is a list of vendors with approved products that DCD is aware of as of March 17, 2011. List
expected to expand.

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