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									  Office Locations & Attorney Count                                                                           U.S. Attorney’s Office
                                                                                                               District of Arizona
           Flagstaff Office


                              Phoenix Office
 Yuma Office
                                               How to Apply
                 Tucson Office
                                  .            The U.S. Attorney’s office always ac-
                                               cepts résumés.

                                               Please send your résumé, a recent writing
                                               sample, and a completed questionnaire to

Contact Information                            Questionnaires can be found on our web-
                                               site at
                                                                                                  “The United States Attorney is
                                               All résumés will be kept for 3 months.               the representative not of an
Phoenix, Yuma, and Flagstaff                                                                      ordinary party to a controversy,
Rachel Hernandez
Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney              Current attorney vacancy announcements                but of a sovereignty whose
602-514-7500                                   can be found at:               obligation to govern impartially
                                               attvacancies.html                                         is as compelling as its
Tucson                                                                                            obligation to govern at all; and
Elizabeth Strange                                                                                 whose interest, therefore, in a
Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney                  The U.S. Department of Justice is an Equal         criminal prosecution is not that
(520) 620-7300                                 Opportunity/Reasonable Accommodation
                                               Employer                                              it shall win a case, but that
                                                                                                        justice shall be done.”*

                                               * Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78,88 (1935)
                                                         border with Mexico. The AUSAs in this                on behalf of the United States. The Finan-
                  The U.S. Attorney’s Office
                                                         section handle weapons smuggling, human              cial Litigation Unit is located in the Tucson
                  (USAO) for the District of
                                                         trafficking and human smuggling crimes.              office and handles federal liens and col-
                  Arizona is one of the largest
                                                                                                              lects federal debts throughout the District.
                  USAOs in the nation. The
                                                       Indian Country and Crimes Against Children
                  USAO prosecutes a wide range
                                                         Section prosecutes felonies which occur            Appellate Sections located in both
                   of federal cases involving
                                                         within Arizona’s tribal communities. These           Phoenix and Tucson are responsible for
 U. S. Attorney    organized crime, terrorism,
John S. Leonardo complex securities and fraud
                                                         AUSAs also handle other violent crimes, such         overseeing all appellate work filed by the
                                                         as bank robberies, as well as crimes against         U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Ninth Circuit
                   cases, immigration offenses,
                                                         children including child pornography and             Court of Appeals, acting as liaison with the
        alien smuggling, narcotics, civil rights,
                                                         child exploitation cases.                            U.S. Department of Justice and Solicitor
        public corruption, and violent crimes
                                                                                                              General’s Office on appellate matters, and
        originating on public lands and in
                                                       Financial Crimes and Public Integrity Section        handling special projects at the direction
        Arizona's federally recognized Indian
                                                         prosecutes financial crimes, public corrup-          of the U.S. Attorney.
                                                         tion, and complex multiple victim identity
                                                         theft cases.
       Office Description & Practice                   OCDETF and Asset Forfeiture Section han-
       Areas                                             dles organized crime and complex drug traf-
                                                                                                         Tucson Office
                                                         ficking cases. AUSAs in this group also work
       The United States Attorney's Office for           to disable and dismantle criminal organiza-
                                                                                                         The approximately 70
       the District of Arizona is headquartered          tions by seizing their property.
                                                                                                         attorneys in the
       in Phoenix, Arizona. Branch offices are
                                                                                                         Tucson office handle
       located in Flag-                                General Crimes Section handles immigration
                                                                                                         civil and appellate
       staff, Tucson, and                                cases, border drug crimes, and other reac-
                                                                                                         matters as described
       Yuma.                                             tive crimes in a fast-paced environment. The
                                                                                                         above, and criminal
                                                         AUSAs in this section spend most of their
                                                         time in court.
       Phoenix Office                                  Courthouse Unit supports the criminal divi-
                                                                                                            Tucson Criminal Division handles simi-
                                                                                                              lar types of cases as Phoenix, but because
                                                         sion AUSAs by handling initial appearances
       The Phoenix Office consists of approxi-                                                                of its location and its proximity to the in-
                                                         and other hearings and overseeing grand
       mately 80 Assistant United States Attor-                                                               ternational border, the Tucson Office pros-
                                                         jury matters.
       neys (AUSAs). The bulk of the AUSAs                                                                    ecutes the majority of the immigration,
       are located at the main USAO in Phoe-                                                                  alien smuggling, and drug-related crime
                                                       Civil Division located in both Phoenix and
       nix, but there are also satellite offices                                                              for the District. It also handles investiga-
                                                         Tucson represents the government in civil
       located in the Sandra Day O’Connor                                                                     tions and cases involving narcotics traf-
                                                         actions, both as plaintiff and defendant. The
       Federal Court building, and in Flagstaff,                                                              ficking, violent crime, child pornography/
                                                         defensive cases include representing the
       and Yuma.                                                                                              exploitation, financial and fraud crimes,
                                                         United States in Federal Tort Claims Act cas-
                                                                                                              weapons offenses, civil rights, and public
                                                         es, administrative appeals and employment
          Border and National Security Sec-                                                                 corruption.
                                                         discrimination. In other cases, AUSAs pur-
            tion handles matters related to do-          sue civil fraud, False Claims Act cases, in-
            mestic and international terrorism,          cluding health and defense contractor fraud
            including crimes occurring on our

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