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					             105 Ways to Love Your Neighbor
1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter (make beds, help with food, etc.)

2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen (serve food, clean dishes, etc.).

3. Volunteer with a food bank.

4. Say something nice to someone every day for a month.


6. Organize a community-wide event where homemade food items are traded or

sold as a fundraiser for the youth group.

7. Baked potato sales/ministry.

8. “Adopt” and support a child through World Vision.


10. Tutor a child or group of children.

11. Teach someone how to read.

12. Help with VBS.

13. Visit someone in the hospital.

14. Serve a meal at the Senior Citizens Center.

15. Volunteer at the library.

16. Organize (or volunteer) a summer program for kids.

17. Ring the bell for the Salvation Army.


19. Get involved in an after-school program for elementary students.

20. Visit/volunteer at a children’s shelter.
21. Visit a children’s home.

22. Help out with the church’s blanket ministry.

23. Pray with someone at church.

24. Pray for someone who is sick.

25. Go on a mission trip.

26. Write someone an encouraging letter (anonymously).

27. Become friends with a stranger.

28. Write a letter to someone in prison.

29. Write a letter to someone in the military.

30. Help someone complete a project at his or her home.

31. Send post-cards to shut-ins.

32. Call someone you don’t usually talk to just to talk.

33. Make care packages for members of the military.

34. Make a meal for a new mom and clean her kitchen while she naps.

35. Clean someone’s house for them.

36. Help someone with yard work.

37. Sell the clothes you don’t need and donate the money to charity.

38. Make gifts for nursing home residents.

39. Let your parent/sibling win an argument.

40. Write a note of encouragement to your principal.

41. Help one of your teachers clean his or her classroom.

42. Raise money for missionaries.

43. Invite and bring someone to church with you.
44. Invite and bring someone to youth with you.

45. Get involved in a Bible Study.

46. Teach someone how to do something.

47. Work as a camp counselor.

48. Donate some of your hair to Locks of Love.

49. Run in a marathon for charity.

50. Stop spending money on fast food and coffee for at least a month and donate the

money to a family who needs it.

51. Help out an orphanage.

52. Donate a Bible.

53. Serve as a nursery volunteer at church.

54. Apologize.

55. Read a book to someone who can’t read.

56. Repair a broken relationship.

57. Invite someone you find annoying to hang out with you and your friends.

58. Pray out loud in a group.

59. Write to persecuted Christians via prisoneralert.com.

60. Write letters to representatives in Congress.

61. Pray with someone at school.

62. Sit with someone who sits alone at church.

63. Go on a prayer walk.

64. Run errands for your parents.

65. Write an encouraging letter to someone at church.
66. Stop complaining for at least a week.

67. Ask someone to help you with something.

68. Keep up with the news and pray for world events for at least a week.

69. Carry (or load) someone’s groceries for them.

70. Write your parents a letter and thank them for all they do.

71. Give up Saturday morning sleep-ins to do good for others.

72. Open a door for someone.

73. Make pastries for a fundraiser.

74. Stop gossiping for at least a month.

75. Collect used baby items to donate to a pregnancy center.

76. Babysit for someone without pay.

77. Support someone who struggles with depression.

78. Ask friends not to curse around you (which means you shouldn’t curse either).


80. Get involved in FCA or See You At the Pole.

81. Help someone who is ill.

82. Ask someone you don’t get along with out for a soda.

83. Hang out with your brother or sister.

84. Stop making/tolerating mean and sarcastic jokes about others for at least a


85. Visit with nursing home residents or hospice patients.

86. Volunteer to help out at a local business.

87. Make an extra plate to take to an elderly neighbor.
88. Befriend an elderly person.

89. Befriend someone from a different clique.

90. Send a card to a nursing home resident.

91. Befriend someone at least 5 years younger than you.


93. Listen to someone’s life-story.

94. Loan someone money without expecting to get it back.

95. Sit with someone at lunch that you don’t know very well.

96. Have a “date night” with one or both of your parents.

97. Hang out with your grandparent(s).

98. Volunteer to cover graffiti, or paint playground equipment.

99. Help children with special needs.

100. Clean your house without your parents asking you to.

101. Organize a community service day.

102. Organize a long-term outreach ministry that will be operated and managed by

the youth group.

103. Share your skills with someone else.

104. Be a mentor for someone younger than you.

105. Be a “Secret Angel” for someone (do something nice for someone


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