Endowed Scholarships by keara


									Endowed Scholarship Funds
The Steven J. Baker Endowed Scholarship was initiated with a gift from former Institute board member Joseph A. Mark and his wife, Sheila, in honor of former Institute president Steven J. Baker. Priority is given to students from Italy, French-speaking countries, and US students whose second language is Italian or French. Candidates must be in pursuit of a degree international policy studies and possess a grade point average of 3.2 or better in his/her most recent year of academic study. The Robert G. Gard Scholarship Fund was created with gifts from board members and other supporters to honor Institute president Robert G. Gard, Jr. upon his retirement. Scholarships are awarded to worthy students. Students must be registered full-time in pursuit of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, intend on pursuing an international career at the time of the award, and have a grade point average of 3.00 or better during the previous academic year. The Thorvald Krogh Endowed Presidential Scholarship was established to honor a respected professor from the early days of the Institute, Thorvald Krogh. The recipients should represent the values Dr. Krogh held dear: world peace, human rights, environmental conservation, and justice. Second-year master’s degree students who have a demonstrated financial need are eligible. The William D. and Marjorie P. Love Endowed Scholarship was seeded in 1988 with a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Love to offer scholarship support to worthy students. Recipients must be registered students in pursuit of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with an equivalent grade point average of 3.0 or higher, demonstrate financial need, and must be intending an international degree at the time of the award. Awards are renewable to a maximum of three years for students who maintain eligibility. The Paul Parrette Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in honor of Paul Parrette, international businessman, to offer financial support to bright, deserving students. MBA candidates in good academic standing are eligible, with preference given to those with French as his/her second language. The Nancy Stilwell Easterbrook Endowed Scholarship Fund was started with memorial gifts honoring Nancy Stilwell Easterbrook, longtime Institute trustee and daughter of General Joseph Stilwell. Candidates must be citizens of the China and an admitted student entering his/her first year of graduate study. Candidates must intend to return to China within one year of attaining

his/her master’s degree. With maintenance of good academic standing, the scholarship is renewable for the normal duration of study. The Leslie J. Zambo Endowed Scholarship was initiated with memorial gifts honoring much-beloved longtime finance professor Les Zambo. Recipient must intend to pursue a career in international finance and/or accounting at the time of the award. Candidates must have completed at least one semester of study toward a master’s degree in business administration, and have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in the last year of study.

Foundation and Corporate Scholarships
The Adam Darling Memorial Scholarship was establish by the Darling Family in 1998 to honor their son who died in a plane crash with 34 other people who were part of a U.S. Department of Commerce trade mission to the Balkans. Given Adam’s passion for commerce and trade, the Darlings dedicated this scholarship to the Institute’s trade policy program. Annual awards are made to two to four international trade students. Founded by local Monterey philanthropists in 1963, the Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation has been supporting the Monterey Institute and its students for close to 30 years. One of its areas of concentration is education, with the specific purpose of improving the Monterey community. This scholarship program supports eight second-year students who are participating in the International Professional Service Semester students. Founded in 1969, the Fletcher Jones Foundation decided that funding private colleges and universities in California should be their primary emphasis. The foundation supports the Monterey Institute through their endowed scholarship program and capital improvements of our library. The endowment generally supports two-three U.S. students per year. The Freeman Foundation was established in 1994 through the bequest and in memory of the businessman and benefactor Mansfield Freeman, a co-founder of the international insurance and financial conglomerate American International Group, Inc., (AIG). Over the years, the foundation has supported our Center for East Asian Studies, including student scholarships. Generally, five international policy students receive scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to pursue study of Northeast Asia. The Hayward Business-Environment Scholarship was established by the Hayward Family in 1999 to support students in their pursuit of combined business (MBA) and international environmental policy (IEP) studies. The scholarship encourages students to integrate business information with environment knowledge to address future sustainability issues. Recipients in their fifth semester of the dual-degree program are eligible. Awards are made to two to four students, with an average scholarship of $8,000.

The Hearst Foundation was founded in 1945 by publisher/philanthropist William Randolph Hearst. In education, the foundation funds exemplary institutions of higher education, through endowed scholarships, dedicated to preparing students to succeed in a global society. The Hearst Scholars program at the Monterey Institute supports five U.S. students per year. Honda Kaihatsu Kogyo USA, Inc. was started in 1989 and is located in California. The company has invested ten years of scholarship support in the Monterey Institute’s Japanese translation and interpretation program. This scholarship is for a second-year student studying translation and interpretation. The HSBC Group, headquartered in London, is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. Beginning in 2001, HSBC Bank USA began a scholarship program at the Monterey Institute to support an MBA student. Today, the bank supports a third-year, IEP-MBA dual-degree student. Established in 2006, Lingua Legis, is a German company that combines first-rate translating skills, professional legal and financial expertise with reliable, yet flexible project management. One of its partners is a MIIS graduate who recently established a scholarship fund. Anannual award is dedicated to a student studying German translation and interpretation. Since 1944, the Max Kade Foundation has promoted the study of both German and German-American history, and has worked to increase understanding between the people of Germany and the United States. The foundation has supported the Monterey Institute for years through their scholarship program and capital improvements of our Max Kade Language Technology Center. The Kade scholarship is a one-year award for a student from a German-speaking country or studying German. The goal of the William McGowan Scholars Program is to provide selected colleges and universities with a program to identify an outstanding student - graduate or undergraduate enrolled in an accredited business school. Since 2001, the McGowan Charitable Trust has provided a scholarship to a second-year MBA student. In 2006, the Howard and Anne Morgens Foundation established a scholarship in nonproliferation studies to honor Howards interest and commitment to ridding the world of weapons of mass destruction. This scholarship is awarded to an international policy student who is concentrating in nonproliferation studies.

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