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									Losing Weight With
One of the major aspects of any keep-fit regime for its practitioners is the
importance of weight loss. There can be no doubting the focus that
seems to be placed on the weight-loss aspect – a lot of people are
overweight and unhappy about the fact. Many will look at yoga and
wonder how it can impact upon a weight-loss program. The truth of the
matter is that the classic forms of yoga which are recognizable to most
people may not directly
assist weight loss.
However, if performed
correctly, yoga can
certainly be a
foundation stone in a
keep-fit program with
weight loss as a major

For anyone seeking to lose weight, it is vital to eat healthily so that you
get the nutrients you will need and then add exercise to burn calories.
Most of the popular forms of yoga practiced in the West are not cardio-
vascular exercises (the kind which raises your heart rate in order to burn
calories). They do, however, increase your core strength and breath
control and this in turn will make it easier to do running, jogging and
other forms of cardiovascular exercise that will burn fat.

If the demands on your time are such that you cannot add two types of
exercise to your weekly regime, then you may be interested in Vinyasa or
“flow yoga” – a style of exercise which is markedly more athletic than the
classic forms and involves more exacting poses. A spell of this form of
yoga will get you much closer to the weight loss you are seeking.


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