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									How Yoga Remains

People may like to cling on to every new keep-fit fad that comes along, in
the belief that this next one will be the one that sorts out any health and
fitness issues – but the truth is that there is not much that can be
revealed to us to change the way we think of fitness. After all, we are still
the same human beings, more or less, who lived centuries ago. We are
still made out of skin, bone, flesh, muscle and sinew, and nothing has
changed radically about what we need in order to keep ourselves going
longer, or to enable us to feats of athletic brilliance.

There is very little, if anything, that could be invented that would make
us more capable of athletic feats than the already existing options. We

have what we were born with, and as time goes on we add to it. Yoga
worked for people many years ago, and it continues to work. This should
come as no surprise, because the job it needed to do has not changed – it
could do it then and it can do it now. People may have found more
dynamic ways to do yoga, but the old ways are perfectly good.

And that is the other thing about yoga. If you were to take up boxing
today, the amount of equipment you would need to buy as compared
with what someone would have needed fifty years ago would be
astounding and expensive. Yoga, however, can be done with virtually no
equipment – so you can take it up whenever you want and do it correctly
without having to worry about improving the quality of your equipment.


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