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									          Dog Tips: How To Choose A Dog Breed
         Several factors to consider before you bring a dog at home.

Despite the fact that dogs are a “man's best friend”, it is important to know which
one perfect and lifetime companion wisely. Keep thinking about how a new dog is
going to change your life. They are going to take up your time and energy with
nursing, grooming, exercise, and play. Dogs are social animals and they'll want and
need to spend time with you. So it's important that you and your dog are a perfect

Choosing the right dog breed for you is as important as choosing a pet whose
needs you can meet. There are a variety of choices that should be judiciously
thought out when considering getting a pet as part of the family.

                        Do the Checklist!

                        There are numerous types of dog breeds to choose from;
                        not just a number of breeds but mixed-breeds too, so you
                        can't just make your decision based on a cute face.

                               Suppose you choose a dog that is too young or too
                               What kind of trainings do you want your dog to
      Where do you start to look?
      Have I chosen a pet that will apt into my lifestyle?
      Do I have enough financial resources to have a pet?
      Do I have the time to walk, groom, feed and look after a pet?

Of any kind you do, don’t make getting a dog an urge decision. This dog will be part
of your life for years to come so do a research thoroughly before making the

                                  Dog Breeds

These include frisky Chihuahua, adorable King Charles spaniel, Pomeranian, pug
and poodles are great for small spaces. They are commonly called as “small but
terrible” because they are strong, overactive and playful.

Herding Dogs
Mostly collies and sheepdogs, they are very ideal for farms and for families. They
are great buddies and receptive to training. Terriers consist of miniature schnauzers
and the enthusiastically popular Jack Russell terrier. hey have strong temperament
that wants you to put up with a little attitude.


They are boxers, Akitas, Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers and Great Danes;
considered as the watchdogs. They are fast learners, smart and great companions
but they are not ideal for families with children.

Hound Dogs

These include beagles, dachshunds and hounds; they are also known for their
boundless energy and hunting personalities. Also, they are ideal family pets such as
the most preferred pet -beagle.

Sporting Dogs

These dogs enjoy getaways, particularly the type of activity where they can run and
roam free like Weimaraners, Labradors and cocker spaniels. They need consistent,
energetic exercise.

Non-sporting dogs

They are friendly yet tough dogs as they range in size other than personality, coat
and size. These dog breeds are Dalmatian, French bulldog, poodle, bulldog and
Chinese Shar-Pei.

           Spend and spread love to you pet this Love Month!!
Money Matters

If the cost is an issue, a great alternative is adopting a dog from a rescue shelter.
The cost isn’t only considerably lower but you get the benefit of getting various dog
breeds in one.

Dog must be train

Training your dog is a benefit to you, though you send your dog to obedience
training, you will still need to give time to working with him frequently. Some dogs
also need socialization training if they are shy or restless.

If your dog spends much time playing in your yard, make sure there’s a safe dog
fence so that he doesn’t pay your neighbors an undesirable visit. Keep your dog on
a leash when required to do so.

Veterinary expenses is a must

Did you know the cost of a pet over its life can cost approximately $20,000? These
costs range from veterinary check-ups, vaccines and teeth cleanings to sudden
ailments and accidents. Plus, if you want to add like microchipping, accessories,
food, flea medication, toys, and other pet products.

While getting a dog is a big commitment, it’s also the start of an extensive and
rewarding relationship. If there is a specific dog breed you’re seeing, a good
breeder will reliably answer questions about the dog’s needs.

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