Patricia Marcotte Has Excellent Entrepreneurial skills

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					  Patricia Marcotte Has
Excellent Entrepreneurial
Patricia Marcotte is a customer-driven
professional who is dedicated to serving clients
upholding high standards of quality services.
She has an excellent track record of delivering
precedent-setting performance and revenue
gains as a Marketing Executive. In her career,
she has gained extensive experience in
international markets as well. She has
achieved recurring successes in negotiations,
closings, nurturing client relationships and
strong verbal and written communications.
An International Marketing Executive, Patricia
Marcotte     has    been    responsible    for
coordinating and directing the opening of
branch offices which includes Middle East
and Asia. In the last 18 months, she has
played a vital role in opening branches in
Dubai, UAE and three cities in Philippines.
This involved extensive strategic planning
analyses for proposed projects and
transactions and designing the framework for
transactions for foreign national and
negotiating    financial   agreements      for
Patricia Marcotte is a respected team
member who role-models a leadership-by-
example mandate in setting clear and
achievable goals. She is expert at strategic
planning, coordinating and organizing in a
take charge capacity to deliver remarkable
outcomes.She is consistently successful in
developing and nurturing international and
domestic client relationships. She has the
expertise of initiating and spear-heading start-
up operations of branch offices.
Patricia Marcotte has previously worked with
the University of Alberta Housing Services. As
the Residential Housing Inspector, she
assessed current situations of tenant units
equipped for student housing. She prepared
log documentation and reports on cleanliness,
maintenance requirements and billings costs
for the move-outs. She also documented
pictures and property snapshots for cleaning
staff and maintenance team. Her marketing
strategies have always proven successful and
effective for the real estate industry.
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