The Master Welder Qualification Testing

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					                              The Master Welder Qualification Testing

Recently, I viewed some welding statistics concerning the jobs that presently exist for the field of welding. I was

amazed at the vast array of opportunity that is there for the taking. I looked at one particular add I have based this

article on. The add was searching for what was deemed the welder who had it all.

Just that term is interesting and what ideas that term would paint in the mind. Think about that for a minute. The

Master Welder. I like that term. If you are an aspiring welder or someone that has achieved expert status, you

probably like that term too. Let me give you some ideas based upon the ad what the master welder qualifications are

as viewed by the company that posted the ad.

welder qualification testing - First qualification was that the Master Welder needed to make welds with no imperfections

and free of defects. Able to pass various tests in multiple processes in non-destructive weld testing. Here is a kicker.

The Master Welder must also be a journeyman fitter. Now, there is a difference between a fitter and fabricator. It is

good to know about both of these areas.

Must be able to produce welds in a timely manner while safely following the company procedures. Must be able to

read blue prints with no supervision. The Master Welder must be able to help less skilled welders below him.

A consistent failure rate of less than five percent on magna flux testing and less than 10% (x-ray testing). At least five

years’ experience in trade. Knowledge of work methods for shop environment. Steel Toe boots approved by

company, safety glasses, and hearing protection must be worn at work.

Good team work skills a must. Must be motivated to work without supervision. Now there are some tool requirements

as well that the Master Welder must have in his possession.

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