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									Company Incorporation and Formation - Steps Permits to Broadening Your Business

Registration for any company ensures its unique identity by ruling out the possibility of existence of
similar name or trademark with some other company. Before starting any company registration of
name and trademark thus comprise of the initial step. Starting with manufacturing, trading or
service follows registration.

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In this competitive world running business is getting very tough day by day. If one wants to start a
new business is all the more difficult. But there is nothing to worry or lose hope because one must
know how to make his or her way through difficulties. It is rightly said where there is a will there is
a way. So even though starting a business is a big task, if done with planning at the right time and is
executed at right time in right manner, you may succeed. So while company formation, you need to
take care of basic steps. To start with decide for the product or service you want to deal in followed
by choosing the name of your company. Then choosing your trademark and getting it registered is
another important initial step. Any new company registration follows a procedure which needs
utmost care. First you need to prepare the application for registering the name of your company,
then file it and within sometime, if the name does not coincide with some other company's name it
is allotted to you after charging a nominal fees. Similar procedure is followed while registering the
trademark of your company. While registering your trademark too, once you choose an attractive
trademark you need to prepare and file in the application. If it is agreed up on by the concerned
authorities, the trademark you want is allotted to you, ensuring it is unique. The name of the
company and trademark are two such important things that distinguish your company from other
companies dealing in same product or service. It uniquely identifies your company from others
thereby increasing your goodwill.

Registration gives you many benefits over unregistered companies, not only in seeking orders but
also in legal matters. Registered companies are recognized in the eyes of law and are always given
preference in legal matters over unregistered companies. Both public and private companies could
be registered. Besides all company’s registration process, limited company registration follows
similar registration process with only different set of application forms.

Company registration is sometimes a cumbersome process as you need to gather various papers like
identity proof, address proof and several others. Commoners sometimes tend to miss some or the
other paper or may not be able to arrange the documents in right manner. So to help people several
firms to be more specific several law firms exist specifically to help individuals or group of
individuals in forming their company. They assist in all kinds of company formation jobs starting
from filing of papers to company incorporation for nominal charges.

Registration is important in every country. Hence several companies act as mediator and provide
you help in online company registration process in different parts of the world. Due to existence of
such mediators company registration process has become relatively easier for layman. One only
needs to spend some money and get his company registered with much lesser effort as it used to be
in earlier times.

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