Adding Logic Control to Your Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutters

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					Adding Logic Control to Your Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutters
Businesses put a lot of effort into securing their property and investment. Providing roller gates with
added security is one way that industrial and commercial operations can improve their security system.
Roller doors are very effective in keeping out thieves and protecting the premises from accidents.

Industrial and commercial roller shutters not only give effective protection to the valuable property and
assets within the premises, they are also valuable in securing the premises against unauthorised entries.
Adding a logic control to industrial roller doors will further enhance their security features.

What is Programmable Logic Controllers?

Programmable logic controller (PLC) is used for automation of various electromechanical machines and
processes. Widely used in assembly lines in manufacturing facilities, the PLC is composed of input and
output units and a central processing unit built in the same box. The logic controller provides the
business with a compact and easy solution for automating various machines and processes.

Application in Roller Doors

Logic controllers can be applied to Roller Doors Brisbane for its automation. This can be as simple as
programming the light switch on the garage doors or may be made of complex logic to interconnect the
overall security and alarm systems in the facility.

The logic controller can be programmed to meet different requirements in the industrial or commercial
setting. It can be programmed to open or close the roller door using a remote control. There can also be
a program to turn on the lights whenever the roller door is opened and turned off after a few minutes
once the roller door is closed.

The logic controller can also be used to integrate the fire alarm system with the smoke detector in the
building. For added security, the roller door can be programmed to alert authorities if ever there is a
breach of security in the area. The PLC can integrate security cameras, alarms and other security
features for a more efficient security program.

The possible programs for the logic controller are broad and will be determined by the needs and
requirements that the business will cite. Though some technical and programming techniques, an
ordinary commercial roller door can be turned into a sophisticated security mechanism.

Automating roller doors is a great way of improving security and protection in an industrial or
commercial facility. For businesses that require a more innovative and sophisticated security and
automation, programmable logic controllers are the way to go. You can find out more about roller door
automation and installation Here.


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