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					How To Choose The Best Smartphone?
 Smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced features built on the mobile operating system. Unlike
feature phones, smartphones come with more sophisticated computing capability and connectivity.
Inside recent few years, several smartphones manufactured by different companies happen to be
released within the marketplace.
Smartphones can make your life run smoothly. These phones are excellent features that make our
day to day life easier. These mobile phones consist of calendars, reminders, various apps, and more
which helps you in managing and controlling your active schedule. You can text, browse internet and
make phone calls from these phones.
You need to choose the proper smartphone which can simplify your busy routine and assist you to
stay on top of all the little details in your lifestyle. As there are numerous smartphones accessible, it is
extremely difficult to decide on the best one. Smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry,
etc are very popular phones now. However the question is which one is the best? Which phones are
better? Which one should you buy? Well, right here is our list of top ten smartphones in 2013 which
may help you in getting the proper smartphone:
1. Apple iPhone 5
2. Samsung Galaxy S III
3. Motorola Droid Razr HD
4. LG Optimus G
5. Google Nexus 4
6. HTC One X
7. Samsung Galaxy Note II
8. Sony Xperia TL
9. Motorola Atrix HD
10. T-Mobile myTouch 4G
While shopping for any smartphones, you need to consider following factors to be able to obtain the
best smartphone that fits you:
The display of smartphones is related to its dimension, excess weight, display size and resolution of
the phone. The design makes a distinction in handling of the phones.
Generally smartphones having digital camera of at least 5 megapixels are considered the best. The
phones also should be able to play, record audio and video. Generally all the smartphones have
organizational features like calendars and task lists together with synchronization choices.
Quality and Call Features
Smartphones must have common mobile phone call features which incorporates voice calling, call
waiting, three-way calling, and more. Moreover, these phones should be of top quality offering
numerous features.
Smartphones include different internal memory size. Some feature expandable memory while in
some smartphones, you cannot expand the memory. Select the smartphone that has sufficient
memory that meets your requirements.
Battery Life
You are advised to choose the smartphone that has a decent battery life. Generally, battery life
should be able to last through a full day’s work and beyond.
Extra Features
Smartphones are usually equipped with various features. Make certain your smartphone has some
additional features like calculator, GPS, map applications, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, internet-browsing
capabilities and many more.
Smartphones are more than just cell phones which assist you to in making your everyday active life
simpler. There are lots of smartphones accessible within the market. Select the one that suits you the
best. Also take a look at top ten thriller movies.

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