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									             Looking for Quality Education beyond Uncanny Borders?

                               Study in Germany!

Being the 3rd largest economy of the world and ranked 2 nd in Export and R&D; Germany also is
India's most important EU business partners, especially for machinery, automobiles,
chemical/electrical products as well as for Information Technology. With more than 300 German
institutions of higher education, it is one of the best countries in the field of research, science and
technology. Understand the procedure of applying for and availing a successful Germany visa
through a certified Germany visa agent. Here are a few reasons to avail education in Germany,
which is one of the 10 ten most popular study destinations.

Phenomenal Academic Standards: Some German Universities were established way back in
the 14th Century and continually have been rendering outstanding levels of education and
research. With high quality education and an opportunity to work in German companies, the
products of which are known for their quality and efficiency in the international market
especially machine tools, motor vehicles and electrical engineering products etc.

International Exposure: Several International Students are expressing a keen interest to Study
in Germany for they know the value of the exposure and experience of being a part of highly
qualified academic community. Apart from this, 2,50,000 students avail the benefits of
international study programs, excellent research opportunities and low tuition fee annually.

Excellent Internships: With the successful completion of University study programs, students
have the opportunity to avail paid internships in top notch MNC’s. Some of the universities hold
close ties with leading companies like Daimler-Chrysler, SAP, Siemens, BMW and Bosch. On
proving one’s work efficiency and productivity, students ultimately get absorbed in these MNC’s
and get full time work placement.

Some special features:

      More than 800 International Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs are offered in
       combination of theoretical and practical/industrial experience.
       Compared to other study destinations, Germany is less expensive. Not to mention
       the numerous scholarships are available.
   Students are allowed to work 90 full days or else 180 half days during the course of
    study on a German Student Visa.
   Foreign students are allowed to stay for a year after the completion of the study program,
    in the event of looking for a job. Your work permit could be further extended by that
   Although English is the medium of instruction for many programs; learning German
    language will open the doors to various cultural centres of Europe: Berlin, Vienna,
    Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt and Munich.

   Country's strong economic position has also led to the use of German as the preferred
    language of commerce in a number of Eastern European countries.

   Permanent Residency permission within 5 years of working full-time in Germany.
   German Immigration option is also valid for international students.
   Minimum documentation is required for visa processing and no financial declaration
    documents are required. To know more about the visa process, contact the nearest
    Foreign Education Consultant in your city.

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