Strategic Sourcing Improves Visibility of Hospital Supply Chain

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					McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing™
Formulary-Managed Purchasing that Imitates the Ease of Consumer Online Shopping
Master Your Hospital Supply Chain Spend
                                  • McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing™, powered
                                   by Amazon Web ServicesTM and a supply chain
                                   artificial intelligence engine, promotes new
                                   savings through formulary-based procurement
                                   through a robust marketplace solution that
                                   imitates the ease of consumer online shopping
                                  • The following benefits may be achieved:
                                    – Enforced defined formulary of your organization

                                    – Decreased spend leakage in real-time and a capture
                                      of the entire supply spend
                                    – High-cost PPI management

                                    – Enhanced contract compliance and opportunity to
                                      optimize tier levels for potential cost-savings
                                    – Improved data quality

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Master Your Hospital Supply Chain Spend

                                  The Marketplace
                                  The health care system’s virtual item
                                  master (VIM) exchanges information
                                  with an e-commerce marketplace, an
                                  artificial intelligence (AI) engine that
                                  contains the industry data set.

                                  The marketplace provides full
                                  e-commerce services to hundreds of
                                  vendors and transaction sets, and
                                  contains more than 1.7 million items
                                  including photos and full-length
                                  product descriptions.

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McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing
                                  • ecommerce marketplace access through your own
                                    private virtual item master (VIM) powered by Amazon Web
                                  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that normalizes and
                                    cleanses item file of disparate descriptions
                                  • Integration and compatibility with entire hospital supply
                                    chain spend
                                  • Virtual abundance of attributions and naming
                                    conventions with functionally similar and equivalent
                                    product identification
                                  • Facility-level support with organizational roll-up to
                                    central virtual item master
                                  • Agnostic solution that works with most materials
                                    management information (MMIS) solution systems, not
                                    just the McKesson supply chain solution
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