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                         Dennis Kennedy: Author,
                         [By Charisse Dengler]
                         In a legal field bursting with blogs, Dennis Kennedy is probably most well known for his annual Bloggie Awards. A true
                         technology buff, Kennedy is excited to find out what the future of blogging holds.

“What I think is happening right now—which        Kennedy said he has always been eager             certainly start their own blog awards; but
is fascinating to me—is that you have a group     to embrace new technology. A member of            when they didn’t, he decided to turn them
of lawyers who have been blogging for two,        the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Law          into an annual event.
three, four years, who sometimes write            Practice Management Section and the ABA’s
about law and sometimes they don’t. And           TechShow board, Kennedy said he’s always          “With blogging, you have your own printing
then you have sort of a newer group of law        been involved in the latest happenings in         press or radio station,” he said. “So, I wanted
blogs that are very focused on marketing.         regard to technology.                             to do this thing where I recognized some of
They’re really geared toward new clients and                                                        the people I just thought were doing a great
building business and stuff like that. So, it’s   “I was one of the first group of lawyers with     job with blogging. In the day to day of trying
fascinating to me to see how that evolution       a website back in 995. I was one of the          to think of something to post, you sometimes
is going to occur and how that approach will      first group of lawyers with a blog here a few     don’t mention the people who do a great job
work over time. That, to me, is just one more     years ago,” he said. “So, technology and the      on a daily basis; and you just kind of take that
of the really fun parts of the Internet.”         Internet have always been key to what I’m         for granted.”
                                                  doing, and I left the area of estate planning
Kennedy, who has been a lawyer for almost         because I wanted to do some things I felt         Kennedy, who speaks to law firms about
23 years, wanted to go into the legal field       brought me closer to what was happening           integrating technology into their practice
from the time he was in high school. After        with the Internet.”                               fields, has a lot of advice to give to lawyers
a number of his teachers and professors in                                                          who are resistant to new technological
high school and college told him they thought     Kennedy first got into blogging while writing     trends.
he’d enjoy working with the law, he decided       a column on Internet marketing. So, when
there just may be something to their advice.      he began to think about experimenting             “Sometimes I like to say lawyers are at the
Since graduating from law school, he has          with his writing, he decided to leap into the     awkward age, where both their children and
worked in firms of all sizes; and he thinks       blogosphere.                                      their parents know more about technology
there are good things and bad things about                                                          than they do and are more comfortable
each. Currently, he is a solo practitioner.       “I decided I had to have a blog, and I gave it    with technology; but I think that there is a
                                                  to myself as a birthday present three years       certain fear that lawyers seem to have about
“There are a lot of things I like about what      ago,” Kennedy said. “I would say for me, my       technology, and I realize it’s difficult for
I’m doing now,” Kennedy said. “In another         blog is about my writing, but it touches on a     people to get over,” he said. “I always say
sense, when you’re a solo, you’re a solo.         lot of issues. So I, by choice, named my blog     you need to find some area of technology—
You’re working by yourself most days. So, because I wanted to be         whether it’s the Internet or something
there are some aspects to being around            able to write about anything that interested      else—where you can do some things that are
really great people—really good lawyers,          me; and I felt like if I did the technology       practical that will give you some experience
really smart people—that I miss. And then,        law blog or the legal technology blog or          and give you enough practice so that you can
as a solo, you don’t get as many chances          something like that, then it would be very        become a lot more comfortable.”
to do really big projects that you can really     limiting. And I didn’t want to do that.”
sink your teeth into that you get a chance to                                                       However, Kennedy thinks that it’s the clients
do at a larger firm. So, there are pluses and     The Bloggie Awards, Kennedy’s very own            who will finally succeed in pushing attorneys
minuses to each approach, and I’ve sort of        creation, were launched so that he would          toward technology. He feels that the Internet
been fortunate that I’ve had good results?in      have a way to honor bloggers that he felt         has made for a more educated client—a
all the different things I’ve done.”              were doing a great job. He said, in the           client who expects the use of technology
                                                  beginning, he thought someone else would          from his or her attorney.

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“Between clients pushing and electronic         They’re so much better than they were in the    Dennis Kennedy’s blog
discovery and other things happening, I don’t   past. It’s a great time to learn, because you
think that lawyers are as able to hide from     can do all this cool stuff now.”
technology as they used to be in the past                                                       American Bar Association
0 years. You can’t hide from it anymore,”      ON THE NET                            
Kennedy said. “You really have to step up
to the issues. The good news is that the
computers and the software now are great.


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