AJAX Development – Gateway to SEO Friendly Website

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					    AJAX Development – Gateway to SEO Friendly Website

                                                 Ajax is a group of technologies instead of
                                                 individual technology like HTML and CSS. Ajax
                                                 development offers a wide range of web
                                                 technologies that are facilitated to develop web
                                                 applications for communicating with the server
                                                 at the back end without hindering the current
                                                 web pages setting. Ajax programming is
                                                 driven by CSS and HTML technologies. XML is
                                                 utilized for Ajax application for transferring
                                                 data from server to the user. XML has been
                                                 proclaimed as the best technology whereas the
                                                 preference of formatting is won by the HTML or
                                                 plain text due to its user-friendliness.

                                                 Tips to Create SEO friendly Ajax Website

Having static HTML content that can run without any hindrance is the first condition that can
offer the users the required information.

    Use of ASP.NET

ASP.NET can be instrumental while designing a SEO friendly Ajax website. It is robust and
helps website to display uninterrupted and flawless information flow. ASP.NET technology is
used to develop influential applications and websites.

    Developing HTML Page

       The use of HTML is mandatory
for creating Ajax websites. You should
place all your files with html
extension in the web server, it will
expedite the flow of information to
users from the website. You should
use JavaScript to process the request
to the server which will add certain
codes. You should save the pages
once you get the response which
would be in server-side language.

    Facilitate Ajax Loader

         While developing a page, create a AJAX page for your projects with Ajax.aspx name.
This will be Ajax container page and it will assist you loading the URL query string parameters.
It will upload the page content quickly and thus flash uninterrupted information.

    Determine the Ajax Data

       Apply Ajax applications while creating a website as it accelerates the server request for
the data information at one click and the relevant detail is displayed in front of the user within
no time.

                                                                           Author : Anna Harris
Some Other Tips to Make Ajax Site Crawlable

Do ensure that your website has unique URLs for each webpage, which have to be indexed and
crawled by the search engine crawlers. Load the major content equipped with the relevant
keywords at the initial phase in a static manner. Conceal the dynamic pages and make them
look like static pages. Keep an eye or take snapshots of the webpages the contents of which
are refreshed on regular basis and publish these snapshots. Menu items, links, along with
some other necessary structural aspects of the website should be free from Ajax and/or
JavaScript. You should facilitate Ajax for added value and functionality to enhance the user's
experience not for enhancing effects.


There are several ways, widely used and explored, to make the websites simple and user-
friendly. Ajax websites are developed across the globe effectively. Nowadays majority of
websites run on Ajax as it is an embedded technology offering flexibility and user-friendly
navigation. Ajax site is mostly flash website, which is generally known for its poor navigation
for taking long for loading pages. Still there are techniques and guidelines, discussed above, to
develop SEO friendly website. If you are planning to deploy AJAX for developing your site, just
recall these tips!

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                                                                          Author : Anna Harris

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Description: Ajax can be accepted as one of the most powerful language to develop SEO friendly website. Mostly Ajax sites are flash-driven still there are some methodologies that can help developing user-friendly websites. This content is dedicated to discuss those tips and guidelines.