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					Chapter – 3    Status of Consent from TNPCB

The TNPCB granted consent for establishment for STP vide TNPCB CONSENT
ORDER No 5302       DATED 01.03.2010. The same was issued to the
Ramanathapuram Municipal STP with the conditions and their status is in

Table 5 : Status of compliance to TNPCB for Ramanathapuram STP
Sl.     Conditions in the order of consent to      Compliance Status
No         establish issued by the TNPCB
1     The consent to establish is valid for      The STP is designed for
      establishing the facility of Treatment     7 MLD at present and
      and disposal of Sewage generated in        1.19 MLD as future
      Ramanathapuram municipality for 8.19       requirement
2     The consent to establish is valid for   As      the    land     on
      establishing the facility of dischargingupstream side is barren
      the sewage of 8190 KLD on land for      and uncultivated, the
      irrigation                              possibility of utilizing
                                              the treated effluent for
                                              irrigation      at     the
                                              upstream of STP will be
                                              explored by Municipality
                                              after the discussions
                                              with       the     District
3     The unit shall provide STP as indicated The units for STP will be
      in the approved drawing                 provided only as per
                                              approved drawing as
                                              shown in Fig 3
4     The Municipality shall establish 8.19 At present STP will be
      MLD STP with the treatment units as established          for    an
      mentioned in consent                    intermediate capacity of
                                              7.00 MLD and the
                                              balance 1.19 MLD will
                                              be established at the
                                              ultimate stage.

5    The Municipality shall utilize the     The lands surrounding
    treated sewage on land for irrigation bythe STP are barren and
    having agreement with the farmers.      there is no cultivation
    The treated sewage shall be applied on  at     present     due      to
    land for irrigation at the rate of 35   salinity.        However,
    KL/day/hectare                          action is being taken by
                                            municipality       to form
                                            farmers association with
                                            the farmers living at the
                                            villages locating at the
                                            upstream of STP to
                                            explore the possibility
                                            of utilizing the treated
                                            effluent for agricultural
6   The treated sewage effluent shall meet This will be compiled
    the discharge standards prescribed by with         and        strictly
    the board before disposal on land for followed
7   The treated or untreated sewage shall Due        to   sea      water
    not be discharged into River Vaigai     intrusion and salinity
                                            problem in this area,
                                            there are no agricultural
                                            activities.      However,
                                            studies       is       being
                                            undertaken                 by
                                            Municipality to explore
                                            the       possibility       of
                                            utilizing   the      treated
                                            effluent for agricultural
8   The Municipality shall declare the land The STP site of 0.8 Ha
    for a radius of 100 meters as a no is         rural    &     remote
    development activities in consultation setting. There are 3.0
    with DTCP                               ha of contiguous open
                                            land of Govt as no
9   The Municipality shall develop a green belt
    of 25 meters width all around the proposed Necessary action has been
    STP                                         taken on ground and
                                                hence will be complied
                                                with. The proposed green
                                                belt is shown in Fig

10   No flooding of treated/untreated effluent is      This will be compiled with
     permitted in STP area                             and strictly followed
11   The Municipality shall install electro            This is complied with
     magnetic flow meter at the inlet and outlet
     of STP to record actual flow on daily basis
12   The Municipality shall provide rain water         This is complied with and
     harvesting facilities for all buildings           will be provided
13   The quality of treated sewage shall be got        This is complied with and
     analyzed regularly once in a month and            will be taken care of
     report shall be furnished to TNPCB
14   The Municipality shall provide necessary          Necessary storm water
     storm water drain in and around STP               drains will be provided
15   The      Municipality         shall     provide   This is compiled with.
     uninterrupted power supply to STP to              Necessary DG set for the
     operate continuously. The Municipality            total    requirements    of
     shall have standby power supply for               power for STP has been
     operation of STP                                  proposed in the approved
16   The sludge from STP should be properly            This is compiled with.
     handled      and    disposed    off    after      Necessary sludge handling
     stabilization. The STP sludge shall be used       system        has     been
     for Green belt development                        proposed in the approved
17   The screening waste collected from screen         This is compiled with.
     and grit chamber shall be properly                Necessary provision is
     collected and disposed. The Municipality          given. Ref: unit no 33 of
     shall furnish an action plan for the same         Table
18   The Municipality shall have base line data        This is complied with and
     on Ground Water Quality at least in 6             will      be      regularly
     locations around STP in consultation with         monitored at the interval
     District Environmental Officer, TNPCB and         mentioned and will be
     periodically monitor the ground water             submitted
     quality in the same locations once in six
     months. The compiled data shall be
     furnished to DEE, TNPCB once in a year.
19   The Municipality shall provide compound This is complied with
     wall on all sides and ensure that the storm
     water or wash water from STP area is not
     reaching the river with any spillage of


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