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					                             September 23

                                                       Brave & Beautiful…..
                                                       Kia Ora tatou.               Speaking of Beautiful that          there has been lots of in-
                                                                                    is the focus of our term.           teresting facts and ideas
                                                       I am a basketballer by way
                                                                                    We have been looking                shared in class. From this
                                                       of my dad who suggested
                                                                                    back through our books              project students have been
                                                       I play when I was about
                                                                                    making sure our work                gathering their informa-
                                                       12 and I have been hooked
                                                                                    standards are beautiful and         tion to create a piece of
                                                       ever since (he was a pas-
                                                                                    that we are using rulers            exposition writing. From
                                                       sionate player back in his
                                                                                    and red pen and pencils             this piece of persuasive
                                                       day and passed his love of
                                                                                    where appropriate. The              writing students have been
                                                       the game on to me!). But
                                                                                    students have helped out            constructing a persuasive
                                                       RUGBY is the key word
                                                                                    around the school by                speech as to why some
                                                       at the moment – especially
                                                                                    keeping the grounds tidy            one should visit or live in
                                                       Irish Rugby!                 and by also keeping our             their country.
                                                       There were Breens values     corridor clean. There
                                                                                                                        We have been putting
                                                                                    seems to be a lot of un-
                                  Room 20 Newsletter

                                                       displayed in that rugby
                                                                                                                        emphasis on capturing the
                                                       game in the past weekend     claimed shoes and clothes
                                                                                                                        audience with our
                                                       where under dogs Ireland     about the place – it would
                                                                                                                        speeches and expositions
                                                       managed to topple Austra-    be great if students could
                                                                                                                        and there have been some
                                                       lia. The way Irish captain   look to take all their be-
                                                                                                                        great ideas coming
                                                       O’Driscoll spoke at the      longings home. At the
                                                                                                                        through - I can’t wait to
                                                       end of the match was most    end of term all left over
                                                                                    items will be placed in lost        hear them.
                                                       humble and gracious - he
                                                       would easily fit in the      property. Thanks for your

                                                       Brave and Beautiful          help with this.
                                                       branches of the Breens
                                                       Tree and it is these role
                                                       models that our students     Students have been work-
                                                       aspire too.                  ing hard on their RWC
                                                                                    country research project –

                                                       Room 20 Scheherazade Scene - Ali Baba
                                                       “Ali Baba was a wood         their leader shouted -              class is involved with this
                                                       cutter. One day he was                                           scene - rehearsals look
                                                       chopping trees when a        “Open Sesame””
                                                       band of thieves came in      Ali Baba is being played
                                                                                                                        Tickets are on sale now to
                                                       his direction.               by Alex Gillespie and
                                                                                                                        the performance for $5
                                                                                    Cassim his jealous brother
                                                       He was scared but he                                             each. Get in early so you
                                                                                    is being played by Connor
                                                       wanted to see what would                                         don’t miss out on your
                                                                                    MacLennan. Room 20
                                                       happen so he hid behind a                                        seats!!
                                                                                    members are the band of
                                                       tree. The thieves stopped
                                                                                    thieves and the whole
                                                       in front of some rocks and

                                                       Inside this issue:
                                                                                                      Upcoming Dates
                                                       Bake Sale & recipes                    8
                                                                                                      • Week 8 - Room 20 Speeches
                                                       Casebrook Sports Exchange              2       • Fridays - sausage sizzle $1.50

                                                       ODT Quiz                               2       • Sep 26th - RWC research project due

                                                       Gymnastics Photos                      3       • Sep 29/30 - Fonterra Science Road Show

                                                                                                      • Week 9 - Year 8 Speech Finals
                                                       Science Fair                         6-7
                                                                                                      • October 5th & 6th - Scheherazade Perform-
                                                       Fun Facts                              5         ances

                                                                                                      • October 7th - last day of term
                                                       Breens Tv                              4
   Casebrook Sports Exchange
   Last Tuesday we had a sports exchange         A big thank you to all your support with
   with our friends from Casebrook Inter-        sports from helping run teams, to com-
   mediate. Breens was represented by            ing along to games to cleaning the uni-
   Hockey, Netball, Football and Rugby           forms every week - it is really appreci-
   teams to which we performed at a very         ated!
   high standard in some very close games!
   A number of Room 20 students have
   participated in winter sports over the
   past 2 years and I hope everyone tries        Rugby captain Blair Keith wins the
   lots of other different sports when they      toss in the match vs. Casebrook Inter-
   progress to high school.                      mediate. Breens had a narrow loss 19-

ODT Social Studies Quiz
Yet another opportunity for students to                                                     Questions ranged from country flags to
get involved was in the annual Otago                                                        newspaper scavenger hunts to famous
Daily Times Social Studies Quiz. The                                                        people.
event is held every year at Breens in-
                                                                                            There is a Year 9/10 competition also so
cluding the year 5/6 competition. This
                                                                                            check out your high school notice
year 71 teams from a number of differ-
ent schools across Christchurch too part.                                                   boards next year.
Breens was well represented and Kevin,
Jayme, Connor and Jacob represented
Room 20 this year.

                                              Members of one of the ODT teams
                                              representing Breens.

Page 2                                                                                                     R O O M 20 NE W S L E T T E R
As part of our Interchange programme
gymnastics has been our PE focus for
this term.
Our learning intentions have been based
around balancing, using apparatus to
balance, rolling, jumping and vaulting.
Here are some of the activities we have
doing - thanks to the various room 20
photographers who have taken some
amazing action shots!
(And just in case you were wondering
the photos are up the correct way, it is
the students who are upside down!)
 WAHOO!!!!! Breens TV is back!!!
      AND WE ARE LIVE!!!
      We will be having the
         1st broadcast
     Very soon on this site:
At this time we have a password
  on the page for security and
          safety reasons.
     Witten by Chris Russell
 An example of an exposition...
As part of our writing unit we looked at writing persuasive letters to get our opinion across. One of the ac-
tivities we did was to watch a clip from Fair Go about a dairy farmer who bought some wet weather gear
but it just didn’t keep him dry. Dan Murphy wrote the following letter of complaint…..

     To whom it may concern.             My problem is that on the             If you can not do this I
                                         day after I worked in the           would be happy to try an-
                                        clothes happy that I would            other pear of pants and a
      On Tuesday the 24th of            be warm and dry the whole             jacket for the same price.
     March around the time of            day. Around 3pm that day            You will find my receipt in
       5pm I arrived at Kath-            my leg started feeling wet                 the envelope.
     mandu to purchase some               and I was upset that this
       waterproof pants and             gear did not keep me warm
     jacket for my dairy farm-           and dry. I knew that I just                       Thank you
                ing.                       couldn’t go home and                          Dan Murphy
                                          chuck on a pair of track-
                                         pants cause that would be
      The lady who served me
                                        even worse then the Gortex
    was very lovely, I told her
    what I wanted and needed,
    and she pointed me in the
    direction of the Vortex wa-          I would like a full refund
     terproof jacket and pants.         of $738 for the price of the
                                          jacket and pants, in the
                                        time of a week if possible.

Some Fun Facts...
Did you know?                                           1830 ketchup                        Coca cola used to be
                                                        was sold as a                       green!
   Pearls melt in vinegar.                              medicine.
   A pregnant goldfish is called a
                                       Dogs have 4 toes on their back
   If you yell for 8 years 7 months    legs and 5 on there front.           By Alex and
   and 6 days you will have enough
   sound energy to heat up 1 cup
                                       111,111,111x111,111,111=12,345       Jacob.
   of coffee.
                                       Polar bears are left handed.
   Elephants are the only mam-
   mals that can’t jump.               Snails can sleep for three year
                                       with out eating.
   Only one person out of 2 billion
   will live to be 116 or over!

Page 5                                                                         ROOM 20 NEWSLETTER
The Science Fair 2011
  The science fair was a huge success with almost the whole
school participating in it. Alex Gillespie came first in the year
8 category of the science fair Alex says “Well my project was a
water purifier. I drilled a hole in a bucket and then I placed a
piece of fabric in the bottom. Then I layered it about 4 times
with sand and charcoal in that order then the last layer was sand
due to the fact that charcoal floats. I then tipped dirty water on
top and an hour later it came out clean at the bottom.”

  (Above is a picture of Alex’s science fair project)
Bradley Hinman got Highly Commended on his science fair
project he says “he did it about teeth witch is the worst soft
drink for your teeth he drinks used are Power-
ade,Coke,v,Sparkling Ribena,Raro,
He used paper, specimen containers, calcium, filtered paper,
drinks, measuring, cups, mortar and pestle, gloves, kitchen
scales, measuring spoons and a science board the total price for
the materials $39.20 .
Bake Sale
A huge thank you for your support with      Method                                          •    1 t vanilla
the Breens bake Sale - an amazing as-       Line a large rectangular baking tin (23
sortment of baking was brought along        -25cm) with baking paper. Blend oil             •    1 t baking powder
and all goods were sold at the end of the   and sugar, add eggs 1 at a time. Mix
day.                                        in remaining dry ingredients. Add
                                            baking soda mixture. Add carrots last.          1)    turn oven on to bake
Over $700 was raised to be donated for
the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and in        Bake at 160 degrees Celsius for                 2)    cut butter into 6 pieces
exchange for this donation the school       55mins or until a skewer comes out
was gifted a Samsung Tablet (a mobile       clean. Cool then ice with cream                 3)    put butter into a jug,
touch screen computer device not a type     cheese icing.                                         cover and put in micro-
of medicine)                                                                                      wave for 20 seconds
A big thanks to Tayla Clifton from                                                          4)    scrap butter into a large
                                            Cream Cheese Icing:
room 22 who won the tablet from the                                                               bowl
Radio Station More FM.                      50g butter
                                                                                            5)    add sugar, condensed
Looking for a fail safe carrot cake?        100g full cream cheese                                milk and vanilla
Here is a secret recipe from my Mother      2-3 cups icing sugar
in Law “Mrs D”. I made this for my
                                                                                            6)    cream mixture
mum’s birthday and it was an absolute       Pinch of salt                                   7)    gradually stir in baking
winner!                                     Lemon rind                                            powder
Secret Carrot Cake Recipe                   1 Tbsp lemon juice                              8)    stir in chocolate chips
1 cup oil                                   Water as needed                                 9)    put spoonfuls of mixture
2 cups brown sugar                                                                                a tray with baking paper
                                            Beat butter and cream cheese until
4 eggs (small)                              smooth. Add remaining ingredients -                   on it
1 cup wholemeal flour                       rind last.
                                                                                            10) put in the oven for 10
1 cup plain flour                                                                               minutes or when the
1/4 tsp salt                                                                                    edges and brown
2 tsp cinnamon                              Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 tsp mixed spice                           You will need
1 tsp ginger
                                                •    100g butter
1 tsp instant coffee
3 cups grated carrot                            •    2 T condensed milk
2 tsp baking soda in 1Tbs of      or-           •    1 cup of flour
ange juice (or lemon juice)
                                                •    ¼ cup chocolate chips
                                                •    1/3 cup sugar

                                                    An Apple a Day….

                                                    Some students have been asking about the fruit bowl and if we can
                                                    reintroduce it. Students really enjoyed sharing fruit after our fitness
                                                    time and so if you willing for your child to be part of this it would
                                                    be great if you could send a piece of fruit along to be shared with
                                                    the class.

                                                    Licensed students...

                                                    The licenses programme has undergone some changes recently. There are
                                                    now 3 levels of license - Silver, Gold and Platinum. There are also differ-
                                                    ent levels of license rewards and house points that correspond with the 3
                                                    levels. It would be great to have as many Room 20 students licensed be-
                                                    fore they leave for high school!

                                                    As always if you have any questions about your child’s learning please
                                                    feel free to come in our make an appointment.

                                                    Ka kite ano,


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