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					7.    Index of Industrial Production (IIP)

As per the recommendation of the National Statistical Commission, a State level
coordination committee has been constituted for improvement in the Industrial
Statistics in Rajasthan under the Chairmanship of the Commissioner Industries.
The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is the Nodal Department.


DES is preparing the Index of Industrial Production with base year 1993-94.
Currently, it is being revised to 2004-05.

Principal Output generated

IIP for Manufacturing, Mines and Minerals and Electricity Groups

The data collection frequency is monthly.

                                                      Monthly     data     on   selected
                                                      industrial products is being
                                                      collected       from      selected
                                                      registered factories and item
                                                      wise    monthly     and    annual
                                                      estimates of IIP are prepared
                                                      The Indices used to be prepared
                                                      with      base      1993-94=100.
                                                      Currently, it is going to be
                                                      revised to 2004-05. IIP are
                                                      prepared for Manufacturing,
Mines and Minerals and Electricity Groups. The weights adopted are value of
output at 2-digit level, 3-digit level, and 4-digit level respectively for these groups.
The State Directorate does not prepare Index of Industrial Production for the
unorganised sector.

Time lag in release of Data

Time lag in data dissemination is three months.


The IIP report is published annually.

Staff Deployed

There is no separate staff for IIP estimation. The staff deployed for ASI also work
for IIP estimation.

IT tools

No separate IT equipment is available for this work.


The data quality is adequate.

8.       Crop area and production statistics


The agency responsible for collection compilation and
release of crop area and production statistics are: (i) DES,
which is the State Agricultural Statistics Authority (SASA).
In the capacity of SASA, the DES is the clearinghouse for all
agriculture statistics, i.e., crop forecasts, land utilization,
agriculture table's etc. sent to the Ministry of Agriculture,
GOI; and (ii) the Board of Revenue that collects statistics of
Crop Area and Production and Land Use (Nine fold

Principal data generated

The principal outputs are:

     •   Land use statistics as per nine fold classification
     •   Estimates of area under kharif, rabi and Zaid rabi crops at State and
         District level
     •   Estimates of average yields of major Kharif and Rabi crops.
     •   Indices of the following as per Agricultural Tables prescribed by the Ministry
         of Agriculture. These tables are sent to the Ministry of Agriculture:

            1.   Area
            2.   Production
            3.   Productivity
            4.   Farm Harvest Prices
            5.   Net Area Sown
            6.   Gross Area Sown
            7.   Net and Gross Area Irrigated.


                                           The frequency of data collection and
                                           estimation of crop area and yield statistics
                                           is given below:
                                           • Land Use Statistics: Annual
                                           • Crop Area and Production Statistics:
                                           • Area estimates of principal crops
                                           prepared under TRS scheme in each
                                               season (Rabi, Kharif, Zaid Rabi)
                                           • Four advanced estimates of area,
                                           production and productivity is
                                               submitted in a year.


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