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					Sl.    Key        Statistical    Concerned               Expected outputs
No.    Activity                  Department

11     Health,    Morbidity, Medical and       1. Studies will be conducted to
       Mortality and Family Health                estimate district level IMR
       Welfare Statistics    Department        2. Statistical Surveys to estimate the
                                                  prevalence       of    diseases    by
                                                  geographical      area   and    social
                                                  category      to    enable    focused
                                                  attention in these areas and social
                                                  groups for easier access and
 12    Education and             Education     Studies will be conducted to estimate
12.A   Literacy Statistics                     inter-censal literacy rates
12.B   Statistics on
       School Enrolment
 13    Labour and                Labour and    Studies have been proposed make
13.A   Employment                Employment    data available unorganized sector
13.B   Statistics
       Labour Statistics
14.    Housing Statistics        Housing       Statistics on housing in addition to
                                 Department    statistics collected by the Housing
                                               Board will be collected and compiled
15.    Birth    and    Death DES               Reliable Vital Estimates of IMR and
       Registration                            MMR could be made available after
       Statistics        and                   the system is improved and the
       Population                              reporting level is around cent percent
                                               in case of births, deaths and more
                                               specifically in case of infant and
                                               maternal deaths
16     Electricity Production    Electricity   Energy Statistics will be available in
       and        Distribution   Department    an integrated manner
 17    Environment        and    Environment   Estimates of Environmental loss.
17.A   Forestry Statistics       Ministry,     Contribution of forest in the state
17.B   Forestry Statistics       Water         domestic products. Contribution of
       Water Supply and          Forestry      Rajasthan forest in sequestration of
       Sanitation Statistics     Department,   Carbon in tonnes per Ha. per Annum.
                                 Resources     Improvement of quality of forestry
                                 Department    statistics

Sl.    Key         Statistical Concerned         Expected outputs
No.    Activity                Department

18     Participation       in DES                With the technical guidance and
       Surveys      of    the                    support of CSO, NSSO Delhi,
       National        Sample                    software for validation checks at
       Survey Organization.                      the district level and data pooling
                                                 to enable increase in sample size
                                                 for district level estimates could be
 19    Transport Statistics      Transport       Survey / study is proposed by the
19.A   Motor          Vehicle    Department      department to address the data
19.B   Registration              Transport       gap
19.C   Statistics                Department
19.D   Road Statistics           PWD
       Traffic      Accident     Department
       Statistics                Police
       Passenger       Traffic   Department
       Statistics                RSRTC
20     Statistics for Local      Panchayati      Village level Data for decentralized
       Area Planning             Raj             planning      will    be    available
                                 Department      considering the fact that block level
                                                 statistical setup is proposed

 Note : The gram panchayat level statistical setup may be planned, proposed and
 implemented, once the Basic Statistics for Local Level Development (BSLLD) project is
 operational in the whole state.

 Estimated Budget of the RSSSP

 In order to implement the proposed implementation plan, the following
 financial plan is proposed: The total proposed budget is INR 95.94 crore,
 out of which 60.97 has been allocated to ISSP of GoI and 1.97 crore to the
 State Government and the rest 33.0 has been allocated to TFC.

                            Funding Pattern of ISSP*

 Items                    Central Government               State Government
                                                            (Non-NE States)
 For          Civil                  95%                          5%
 For    all  other                   100%                            0%

                          Funding Pattern of TFC**

1    crore       per    State Level          District               Total
district                                      Level
Percentage                  25%               75%                   100%
*ISSP has been accorded the requisite approval by the GoI as a CSS. Strictly
speaking, it is not a100% CSS.
**At least 75 percent of the grant will be utilised for strengthening statistical
infrastructure at the district level not covered by the India Statistical Project
and the proposed CSS pertaining to Basic Statistics for Local Level
Development (BSLLD). A maximum of 25 percent of the grant can be used for
improving statistical infrastructure at state headquarters.

Total Estimated Budget and share of allocation for seven years (in

      Total            Govt. of Rajasthan                  Govt. of India
                        India Statistical
                     Strengthening Project
                                                   ISSP       Thirteenth Finance
                                                              Commission (TFC)
      95.94                    1.97                60.97             33.00
      100%                    2.05%               63.55%            34.40%


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