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This Report on the audit of expenditure incurred by the Government of
Rajasthan has been prepared for submission to the Governor under Article 151
of the Constitution. The Report covers significant matters arising out of the
compliance and performance audits of various departments including
autonomous bodies. Audit observations on the Annual Accounts of the
Government and departmentally run commercial undertakings would form
part of a Report on State Finances, which is being presented separately. The
Report containing the observations arising out of audit of statutory
Corporations, Boards and Government Companies and the Report containing
observations on audit of revenue receipts of the Government are also
presented separately.

This Report starts with an introductory chapter which provides audittee
profile, comparative position of fiscal operations of the Government of
Rajasthan, authority for audit, planning and extent of audit and follow-up on
Audit Reports. Chapter 2 covers performance audits while Chapter 3 discusses
material findings emerging from compliance audits. Chapter 4 includes a
report on the Chief Controlling Officer based Audit of Department of the
Command Area Development and Water Management.

The cases mentioned in this Report are among those which came to notice in
the course of test-audit of Accounts during the year 2010-11 as well as those
which had come to notice in earlier years but could not be dealt with in
previous Reports; matters relating to the period subsequent to 2010-11 have
also been included wherever necessary.

                                 Table of Contents

                                                            Reference to

                                                          Paragraph Page

Preface                                                       -        ix

                                   Chapter 1
About this Report                                            1.1      1

Profile of Audit Entity                                      1.2      1

Authority for Audit                                          1.3      2

Organisational Structure of the office of the Principal      1.4      3
Accountant General (Civil Audit), Rajasthan

Planning and conduct of audit                                1.5      3

Significant audit observations                               1.6      3

Response of the Departments to Reviews/Draft Audit           1.7      12

Follow-up of Audit Reports                                   1.8      13
                                   Chapter 2
                          Performance Audit
Horticulture Department
National Horticulture Mission Programme                      2.1      15

Public Health Engineering Department
Implementation of Drinking Water Supply Projects             2.2      44
Social Justice and Empowerment Department
Implementation of schemes for welfare and upliftment of      2.3      70
weaker and backward sections of society

Medical Education Department
Working of Rajasthan University of Health Sciences,          2.4      90


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