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                 The Leiter Post
A newsletter for the friends and ministry partners of Rachel Leiter • Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of F l orida

                                • CELEBRATING GOD’S VICTORIES •
My desire for this newsletter is for it to be a celebration of what God has done this school year. As partners in ministry we are
a team. So we will celebrate God’s victories together, as a team. I hesitate to post a list of numbers because numbers aren’t the
focus of ministry; changed hearts and lives are the focus. However, when reflecting on a school year’s worth of ministry,
numbers represent changed lives. I think you will enjoy joining with me to praise God over what we’ve seen Him do to draw
students into a relationship with Himself this school year. Hallelujah to our Victorious King who reigns over the earth!
At the start of fall semester, over 300 students retreated to CRU at UF’s annual “Fall Getaway”. That’s over 300 students who
heard Biblical talks about God’s desire for them to be “rooted and renewed” (the theme of the weekend). I shared with you
about Atlanta Christmas Conference where we saw 160 students from UF dedicate a week during their winter break to attend.
They focused on the Lord, being challenged to surrender their whole lives to God’s leading and become life-long laborers for
His Kingdom. By the time spring semester arrived, we saw 70 students say, “Send me!” as they embarked to Seattle, Chicago
and Honduras to serve the Lord and serve the poor and needy. This summer, 52 UF students are being sent all across our
country and world to bring the Good News of a relationship with Christ to communities desperate to hear it. Twenty-nine
students will go overseas to preach the gospel in locations such as Salerno, Italy; Paris, France; and Durban, South Africa.
Meanwhile, 23 students are taking the gospel to our neighbors in America. Praise God for willing hearts!
I believe the most exciting news is that over the course of this past school year, we rejoice in having seen God draw
144 students into a new relationship with Himself! I know God to be a passionate pursuer of people, and this year is proof
of that. Here is the story of one of those students. His name is Alex and his conversion was powerful:

  I was an atheist. I wasn’t apathetic towards religion, either. I hated it with a passion. I enjoyed debating with
  Christians because I loved to show them “how wrong they were.” I thought Christians were hypocrites and
  that Christ was a monster. I was pretty self-absorbed but thought I was a nice person. Freshman year of
  college, that all changed.

  Right before last summer, I did a lot of “searching.” Not spiritual searching per se, but I was curious as
  to what all these Christians believed. I was curious about how believers defended their faith. I read
  Mere Christianity which I did not like at all, but at least it made me respect the faith a bit more. Then last           Alex, our
  summer I became friends with Nathan, a student involved in CRU at UF. The two of us had gone to the same                 brother in Christ
  school since elementary school, but we had never spoken to each other. The first day I got to UF, Nathan picked
  me up to hang out and introduce me to his friends. The atmosphere was incredible. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. As I was
  starting to get into the groove of school, I also got to see what a great Christian community looks like. It was so loving, open, sincere and
  warm. I went to Nathan’s Community Group (a small group Bible study) and got to see how truly important this belief system was to
  them and how much this “truth” meant to them. At the time, it was off-putting to me to say the least.

  As I hung out more with the community, I got to experience certain things that most atheists rarely experience, like the Holy Spirit.
  When I was around those people, I felt this…presence. It was very weird to me. With all this happening, my God-hating beliefs started to
  melt. Then CRU’s Fall Getaway retreat happened. I had the experience of a lifetime. There was a worship night, and during one song
  everyone got on their knees. To some people, it’s a nice sweet thing and nothing more, but to me it has a bit more significance. You see,
  my Gramma went to see Jesus about a year before that night. Having seen her kneel for prayer, the sight reminded me of her and I just
  lost it. I cried for a while, and then left the room to recoup. A few wonderful gentlemen started talking to me, and they shared some
  things that blew my mind regarding God.

  That night changed everything. I became more aware of God’s presence, and more aware of His desire for me to know His Son. So for
  the next week, I kept praying to God for the faith to receive Christ. I wanted to believe, but I couldn’t. So I told Nathan about it, and he
  immediately came over and we talked for a two or three hours. He presented the gospel, and I told him I’d think about it on my own.
  An hour later, I made the decision and let Jesus come into my life. It was the most important thing that has and ever will happen to me.
  The best part about this whole story is that God did all the work. And He did it in such a way that I couldn’t say a tragedy drew me in.
  No, I was drawn by His love and the love that overflowed into His children. God was in complete control. He is AWESOME!

 • PRAISE REPORTS            AND    PRAYER NEEDS • 01 Praise God for His merciful goodness in revealing to us his love for people!
 02 Please pray for our 52 students who embark on summer mission trips across the globe. We’re excited to see how God will use
 them to impact lives for the kingdom this summer but they need our prayer against spiritual warfare and the lies of the enemy.
 Please lift them up in prayer! Also, please pray for myself as I lead students to share the gospel in Italy for 6 weeks. Grazie mille! +

     rachel•leiter@uscm•org :: 321-438-5347 :: staff account #0591980 :: www•ufcampuscrusade•com

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