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SG Corporate _ Investment Banking


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									Paris, 4 December, 2003


SG Corporate & Investment Banking (SG CIB) is pleased to announce the strengthening of its Commodities Finance management team following a strategic redistribution of responsibilities and as part of its ongoing Development Plan. - Denis Childs, Global Head of Commodities Finance, has been given additional responsibility for the Mining Sector. He is now Global Head of Mining & Commodities Finance and manages a structure comprising of the following: - Pierre Paul Benoit, formerly Head of Global Operations for the Debt Finance Division of SG CIB, joins the Commodities Finance division as Deputy Head. His main area of focus will be the implementation of the Commodities Finance Development Plan. - Pierre Palmieri, Global Head of Structured Commodities Finance, will also manage the Mining Sector. - Dominique Beretti, currently Global Head of Corporate Finance, is now also named Global Head of Trade Finance.

Denis Childs said: “This new management structure will allow us to accelerate our Development Plan, and to enter new markets by leveraging on the synergies between Mining Finance and Structured Commodities Finance, as well as between Corporate and Trade Finance. From production to distribution, we cover every aspect of commodities finance, capitalising on our worldwide leadership positions. In June 2003, SG CIB was named “No. 3 Commodity Bank” and “Best Structured Commodity Bank of The Year” by Trade Finance magazine, a Euromoney publication.” Marc Breillout, Global Head of Debt Finance division, added: “The Commodities Finance Development Plan is in line with SG CIB’s “profitable growth” strategy. Our expertise in these activities has allowed us to identify promising growth opportunities by combining market share increase, synergy development and innovation. The overall goal is to reinforce our leadership positions in structured finance globally, one of SG CIB’s core areas of focus.”

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Denis Childs

Denis Childs, 49, has a Bachelor of Law and an MBA in banking management. He began his career with the Société Générale Group in 1978 within the French Retail Banking network, before moving in 1981 to the Export Finance Department where he created new areas of business and finally coheaded the department. In 1993, he became Head of the International Branch. In 1996, he created SG CIB’s worldwide Commodity and Trade business line and he has been Global Head of Commodities Finance at SG CIB since then. Pierre-Paul Benoit Pierre-Paul Benoit, 42, is a graduate from the Ecole Centrale in Paris in 1985 and also holds a DEA in Theoretical Physics. He began his career with Société Générale in 1987 as an Internal Auditor. From 1994 to 2000 he was based in New York where he headed the Operations Department for the Americas. He was then appointed Head of Global Operations for the Debt Finance Division of SG CIB. Pierre Palmieri Pierre Palmieri, 41, is a graduate of the Tours ESC Management School. He has spent 16 years with SG CIB, occupying a number of positions within the International and Finance division; notably within Project Finance (especially in Asia) and Export Finance. He joined the Commodity and Trade Finance department in 1994. He has been SG CIB’s Global Head of Structured Commodity Finance department since 2001. Dominique Beretti Dominique Beretti, 47, is a graduate of the Political Studies Institute of Aix en Provence. He began his career at Bank Worms in 1981 where he was Head of Commodity Finance. From 1993 to 1999, he was successively Deputy General Manager of the London Branch, and then General Manager of the Singapore Branch. He was then named Global Head of Commodities Activities. Dominique Beretti joined SG CIB in 2001 as Global Head of Corporate Finance.

For further information, please contact: SG Corporate & Investment Banking Siobhan O’Hare, SG CIB Communication siobhan.ohare@sgcib.com +44 20 7676 6801

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Société Générale is one of the largest financial services groups in the euro-zone. The Group employs more than 80,000 people worldwide in three key businesses: - Retail Banking & Financial Services: Société Générale serves more than 15 million retail customers worldwide. - Asset Management & Private Banking: Société Générale is one of the largest banks in the eurozone in terms of assets under management (EUR 281.5 billion, September 2003). - Corporate & Investment Banking: SG CIB ranks among the leading banks worldwide in euro capital markets, derivatives and structured finance. Société Générale is included in the four major socially responsible investment indexes. www.socgen.com

SG CIB is the Corporate and Investment Banking arm of the Société Générale Group. Present in over 50 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia, SG CIB is a reference bank specialising in :  Euro capital markets. A top ten player in debt and equity segments (convertibles, bonds, securitisations, and syndicated loans).  Derivatives. Among the world leaders in equity derivatives and in many interest rate, credit, foreign exchange and commodities derivatives.  Structured finance. A worldwide leader in export, project and structured commodity finance. Combining innovation and quality of execution, SG CIB provides corporates, financial institutions, investors and public sector clients with value-added integrated financial solutions. www.sgcib.com www.sgcib.com

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