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Newsletter January 2013


                                                          DECEMBER-JANUARY NEWSLETTER
                                     “Only the educated are free.”

UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                            In this issue!
                                                                                          In this issue!
100th Day                                                 January 31st                     Principal`s Message ...1
                                                                                          Events ...........................1
                                                                                           Awards .........................2
Family Brunch                                             February 2nd                    Lego Competition, Why
                                                                                           Events ...........................2
                                                                                          Recess is Important, PTA
Spring Festival                                          February 6th                     News ............................2
                                                                                           Member Spotlight .......3
                                                                                          ESL News, AMC 8 Results, Eco
ISA Test                                                 February 7th -8th                 Winter Social ...............3
                                                                                          Generation, Winter
                                                                                          Concert .......................3

Lunar New Year Holiday
                                                                                           District Goals ...............4
                                                         February 11th -12th              Communication, SketchUp
                                                                                           Committee Chairs ...4
                                                                                          Design Competition......4
Global Youth Forum                                       February 13th -14th
PTA Meeting                                              February 14th
Personal Goals Assembly                                  February 21st
Science Fair                                            February 22nd
PD Day for Teachers                                      February 28th                        Assessment Test will be
                                                                                                 administered on
                                                                                               February 14th

  Empathy                          Integrity                     Curiosity                           Diversity
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Rainbow International School Mission Statement                                                    Rainbow Seoul
Rainbow International School enables students to achieve academic excellence while                @rainbowseoul
being encouraged to be global leaders who promote global peace through equity,
innovation, diversity, integrity, community, care for the environment and self-respect.         RIS IT Department

   2-32 YANGJAE 1-DONG, SEOCHO-GU, SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA 137-886 PHONE + 82 2 571 2917 FAX + 82 2 572 2916
 “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Live as if you were to live
                                                 - Mahatma Gandi
          Lego Competition                                                Why Recess is                                           PTA News
 After 4 month preparation, 8 of Rainbow                                   Important                                        This year the PTA of RIS are
 International School Student participated                                                                                  striving to be an active part of our
                                                  Every day at RIS students have two
  Korea Robotics Championship in Korea                                                                                      school community. The PTA
                                                 recesses. Recess is a chance to move
 University on saturday, January 26th. We                                                                                   consists mostly of parents from
                                                  around and let out some energy—a
 had Jihan and Eugene from Grade 4; Amy                                                                                     just about every grade, a few
                                                short break between classes. Morning
and Razi from Grade 6; Franciso and James                                                                                   teachers, and administration; they
                                                 recess is from 10:25 a.m. until 10:40
from Grade 7, Mert and Karim from Grade                                                                                     are an integral part of our school
                                               a.m. At this time students are provided
  8 as participants of this competition. Mr.
                                               a healthy snack and encouraged to play                                           In this issue!
  M.Ali Diskaya, Mr. Harun Gurcan were
                                               basketball, soccer, tag, or jump rope on                                         Principal`s Message ...1
             coaches of the team.                                                                                           The PTA have some exciting
                                                 the rooftop playground or the indoor
                                                                                                                            events coming up and having the
                                                                                                                                Awards .........................2
                                                  gym. Afternoon recess is from 1:50
 Competition had mainly two parts: Robot                                                                                    students, staff and parent support
                                                p.m. until 2:05 p.m. Younger students                                           Events ...........................2
  Game and Project. Students designed and                                                                                   is critical.
                                                 have a snack at this time as well, and
 programmed an NXT robot to accomplish                                                                                          Member Spotlight .......3
                                                older students are just finishing lunch.
some tasks on a Lego League field in Robot                                                                                  On February 2nd we will be
                                                  Although recess is “free time,” it is                                         Winter Social ...............3
Game section. A project called Architecture                                                                                 hosting a family brunch. On
                                                    also viewed as productive time.
     for Senior Citizens was made by our                                                                                        District 6th we will be
                                                                                                                            February Goals ...............4 hosting a
                                                   Besides getting valuable exercise,
      students using SketchUp program.                                                                                      spring festival. The ......4 hasPTA
                                                 students can hone cooperation skills                                           Committee Chairs
                                                                                                                            decided on 7 booths to have in the
                                                  and practice social interaction. This
   Tens of teams attended the competition                                                                                   Gymnasium and cafeteria. The
                                                     can be done by playing games
 from all South Korea. We did very well in                                                                                  finalized booths are face painting,
                                                   provided, such as Jenga, Uno, or
 the project section. The robot game was a                                                                                  ring toss, ball on a spoon, fishing
                                                   Bananagrams. It can also be done
 little bit unfortunate because the programs                                                                                pond, and flea market. We are
                                                through a simple conversation about a
   we made before the competition didn’t                                                                                    asking for specialist teacher
                                                 book their reading or television show
 work very well. However, in general, the                                                                                   volunteers for these booths as the
 competition was very informative and fun.                                                                                  homeroom teachers will be
                                                                                                 viewed. In
      Students learned a lot about robots,                                                                                  supervising their classes when
                                                                                                 short, with
  teamwork and character education. They                                                                                    they are attending the festival.
                                                                                                      the right
also got medals and will receive certificates.
                                                                                                                            Thank you for your support and
                                                                                              students can
  Next year’s theme will be Nature’s Fury,                                                                                  involvement!
                                                                                                 really learn
     which will be about natural disasters.
                                                                                                      so much
Students will be researching what should be
                                                                                                during their
 done before and after any kind of disaster.
                                                                                               “free time!”
                                                                                            Ms. Jones
 We would like to thank all of our students
  for their work and families for their help.
                                                           Photo: Khalid	
For more information about the competition
please visit FEST web site at Uno!

“Intelligence plus character- that’s the goal of true education”
                                              -Martin Luther King Jr.
Play your role to save the world! Be aware of climate change!
Participate Eco Generation Global Youth Forum on February
13th and 14th.
  News                        Winter Concert                                    Eco Generation
Wow, there is a lot going on in ESL                                                 Grade 5 through 8 are making
                                         I had a good time practicing for the       climate change power point
1-3 this month! The cold weather         winter concert. My class and I did the     presentations because we want to
does not stop this class from            song called, “We Go together”. The         inform ourselves and then teach
learning. We started this term with a    hard part about the singing is that we     others about what is happening to
                                         had to sing fast and catch up with the     the Earth. While doing our research
"Winter Wonderland" theme.
                                         lyrics. The hard part about the dancing    we learned that it is human’s fault
Students had great time learning         is that I had to shake more and faster.    that the Earth is heating up too fast.
about different activities that can be                                              We now understand that people
                                         When the winter concert turned out to
done when it's cold and snowy. One                                                  have to stop destroying the Earth if
                                         be tomorrow, I was so worried about
of the class favorites was making a      doing something wrong. So I did            we want to continue living here and
snowman. We discussed the steps to       many things to calm myself down. I         not move to another planet in the
                                         thought about the concert all day long.    future. Most importantly we learned
making a snowman and different
                                                                                    that we can help save the Earth if
things a snowman can wear. The                                                      every person does their part. We will
learning did not stop there! Each                                                   be attending this year ’s Eco
student in ESL 1-3 did an amazing                                                   G e n e r a t i o n , Yo u t h f o r t h e
                                                                                    Environment Forum and creating
job drafting, editing and publishing
                                                                                    these power points has helped us
a book about making a snowman.                                                      understand climate change and now
Stop by our class and check out our                                                 we will be prepared for the two day
ESL library, we have some terrific                                                  discussions about the environment. 
                                                                                    Aleena Grade 5
                                         When it was the day, I went to school
Ms. Bokhwa and Ms. Donna                 and sat in my seat and my food ached
                                         each time I took a step so I got more     AMC8MATHOlympiadResults
                                         worried. My foot still ached when it      Math Olympiad Team took part
                                         was time to do our song. So I couldn’t    in International AMC Contest on
                                         make my star jump that big. When I        November 13th. The contest
                                         did the star jump, my foot really         results were sent to every school.
                                         ached, but still, I did not touch it. I   In our school, Howard (Grade 8)
                                         was relieved when we were done.           got the first place, Francisco and
                                         Even I was nervous, I enjoyed my          James got the second and third
                                         winter concert time with my friends       place respectively. Every
                                         and teachers. My winter concert was       participants will receive a
                                         successful.                               certificate and the winner will
                                                                                   have a winner pin. We would like
                                         Shakhina Grade 3                          to thank all the participants for
                                                                                   their effort and their families for
                                                                                   supporting them.

February 28th is a PD Day forTeachers. No school for students

”Educating mind without educating heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle
           Get Ready for Science Fair
                                                                                               February 22nd , 2013

                                                 “I had to trust my partner,” replied
Communication -                                  Daniela.” How do blind people                  SketchUp Design
Grade 7 IMYC
                                                 have such good senses?”                          Competition
Grade 7 students opened their                    “I felt like I was alone in the dark,”   We had a school-wide SketchUp
IMYC unit with an exciting                       says Francisco.                          Design contest in January. Pranu
activity. They were responsible for                                                       from Grade 4, Joshua and Umaid
guiding their partners around the                Sofia claims, “When she said left,        from Grade 5, Amy, Joshua, Jerry
                                                 she meant right!”                        and Razi from Grade 6, James
classroom and the second floor
using only their voice as a guide.                                                        from Grade 7, Mert from Grade 8
                                                 Mobark exclaimed, “ I may have
The instructions need to be clear                been hurt!”                              participated in the competition.
an accurate in order to complete
the task. The BIG IDEA for the                   Sultan says, “It would have been         Ms. Ji (Art), Ms. Bokhwa (Lego
unit states: When information is                 much harder without my partner!”         Gr 1-3) , Mr. M.Ali (IT Team
shared accurately and clearly                                                             Member), Mr. Gurcan
                                                 Ms. MacRae                               (Computer) were the judges of
the end result is more effective.
                                                                                          this competition. Evaluation
                                                                                          made by students and judges
                                                                                          according to a rubric posted on
                                                                                          the blogs and 2nd floor entrance.

                                                                                           All participants will get some
                                                                                          awards while the first three place
                                                                                          winners will get a magic mouse,
                                                                                          iPod Shuffle and USB flash
                                                                                          We would like to thank all
                                                                                          participants for their time and

                                                                                          SketchUp Competition Judges

Dear Parents,
Come join us for Family Brunch on February 2nd and for Spring Festival on February 6th.

   RIS students are not only tool users but also tool builders.

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