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									                            Commercial Laundry for Green Dry Cleaning

To eliminate those stubborn marks and germs from clothes, strong cleaning power is required.
However, it does not mean that you use abrasive and harsh toxic chemicals. These days, many green
cleaners and environment friendly cleaning products are available in the market which can clean,
disinfect and sanitise the dirtiest surfaces in an eco friendly way. In fact, many commercial laundry
companies use only non-toxic products for dry cleaning and wedding dress cleaning, saving both
environment and you.

One of the worst choices that people make both for the environment and themselves is dry
cleaning. The products used in this technique are very toxic. Luckily, there are also some green dry
cleaners that people can choose instead. Many commercial laundry companies go for a traditional
dry cleaning. Just after the wedding dress cleaning, they air it well before hanging it in the closet.

For busy people who turn to cleaning companies, it is very
difficult to put into practice green cleaning tips. However, they
can protect the environment by choosing the green
commercial laundry. In addition to green cleaners for cleaning
clothes, there are also some other green ways to clean the
floor. To help save the environment, one can use green
products in cleaning the counter top and other surfaces of
kitchen and bathroom.

Instead of using commercial cleaning products, use baking
soda. It can be successfully utilised for removing bad smell from the refrigerator. Very few people
know that it is also helpful to remove bad odours from carpets. Just sprinkle it on them and let it to
absorb the bad smell for a while. Then, use the vacuum for cleaning it.

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