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					                                             November 30, 2010

TO:     Gilbert Johnson
                WSEU Local 82

FROM:         Shannon E. Bradbury
              UWM Labor Relations Coordinator

RE:           WSEU Labor/Management Minutes for November 23, 2010

WSEU Local 82                              UWM
Gilbert Johnson (AS)                       Shannon E. Bradbury
Michael Maass (BC)                         Kurt Hennemann
Stan Yasaitis (AS)                         Colleen Murphy
One AS representative                Andy Nelson
Three BC representatives                   Jerry Tarrer
                                           Amy Pamperin

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, December 21. Please respond to items from your
area by Friday, December 17.

The meeting began at 9:05 a.m.


         A. Facilities Services Issues. Custodial Safety Committee. The union
            suggested that University Housing employees be included in the Facility
            Services (FS) Custodial Safety Committee that is being formed. Interim
            Director of Facility Services Jerry Tarrer explained that FS does not have
            jurisdiction over workplace safety in the residence halls and does not want to
            give anyone the impression that if an Auxiliary Services or University Housing
            issue came up, that FS would handle it. He did agree to allow a University
            Housing employee to sit in on the committee meetings ex officio.

             Employee Absences. The union inquired as to how many Blue Collar
             employees can be on leave or otherwise missing from any building at a time.
   Associate Director Andy Nelson stated that a decision on this was an ongoing
   matter. On a related issue, the union described a “hypothetical” situation in
   which one employee was turned down for leave when another person was
   granted it, but the Department would rather know the facts so it can

   Hazardous Duty. Following up on some employees’ concern that they had
   been asked to lift too heavy a load, the employer explained that an employee
   who is faced with hazardous duty can request to complete an Abnormally
   Hazardous Task Report, available on the Office of State Employment
   Relations website, The
   Report is then submitted to the immediate supervisor, who submits it to the
   campus Safety Officer (University Safety and Assurances).

   Focused Cleaning. As discussed last month, the union believes that Focused
   Cleaning has now been expanded above the ground floor in several buildings,
   and that an expansion of Focused Cleaning is now the standard. They also feel
   this should have been brought to the union as a pilot program, and that they
   should have been asked for their input.

B. Physics Department. The union complained that an employee who had
   applied for a promotion received no information about the job until someone
   else started. When she asked the Department Manager why she wasn’t
   selected, she was told “we don’t need to tell you anything”. The union felt this
   was exceptionally rude.

C. Benefit Adjustment Contribution. The union inquired about the increase in
   the Benefit Adjustment Contribution (BAC) that the Department of Employee
   Trust Funds (ETF) has announced for 2011. The increase is intended to keep
   the Wisconsin Retirement System solvent, and will require that employees pay
   a contribution amount. University Benefits Specialist Amy Pamperin
   explained that the WSEU contract obligates the employer to pay the BAC up
   to 1.3% (see 13/13/1 et seq.), but when it goes above that the employee must
   pay the excess. In 2011 it will probably go up .02% for WSEU employees.

D. Campus Budget Planning. An attendee to the Chancellor’s first brown bag
   meeting reported that the Interim Provost had said the campus would be
   facing high percentage cuts in the new Governor’s budget, but it is highly
   unlikely that he made any such declarations, as the impact of the State Budget
   will be unknown until the new Governor makes his budget requests to the
   Legislature. The Interim Chancellor will hold such brown bag sessions

E. The Represented Classified Workforce. The union complained that
   campus administrators tend to forget that UWM has a largely represented
   classified work force, and that the Administration should communicate directly
   with the union and not only with individual employees. The Local 82
   president noted that he had met recently with the Interim Provost.

      A. Health & Safety

           1. Completed or Ongoing Projects
               EMS E354, E356, W209, W229

           2. Pending Projects
               Bolton B45 (11/29/2010)
               Columbia Hospital, WALMS asbestos inspection (Jan. 2011)
               Curtin B85 (12/16-20/2010)
               Mellencamp B12 (11/29/2010)

               A detailed list is available at:

           3. Safety Representative Program. Associate Director of University Safety
           and Assurances (US&A) Colleen Murphy reported that she is working to
           initiate a “safety representative” structure on campus, similar to the
           “personnel representative” structure. The duties of the Safety Rep in each
           building would be separate from those of the Building Chair and would help
           in emergency planning.

      B.   “Improving the State of your Career” Training. The “Improving the
           State of Your Career” training will be presented on December 15 from 10:00
           a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Registration is available through the MyDev employee
           development site,
 , or by
           calling Stan Yasaitis. The employer will send out an announcement, and the
           union will forward its announcement to the employer.

      C.   LTEs. The union would like a list of current LTEs including class and
           department. They also inquired whether it is possible to identify those
           permanent employees who were formerly LTEs.

      D.   2009 Snow Day Settlements. The union requested a list of those
           individuals who did get the extra leave added to their balances as a result of
           the 2009 Snow Day Settlement.

      E.   Physical Environment Committee. The union refreshed its request to
           know why their appointee to the PEC and the Transportation Subcommittee
           was allowed to vote last year but not this year.

      F.   HRS/PeopleSoft Project. The Administrative Support unit inquired as to
           when the training for their members will commence. The employer
           explained that it will likely be done, close to the “go live” date next spring.
The meeting ended at 11:15 a.m.

   III.    NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, December 21 in 122 Engelmann Hall, 9:00

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