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									                                               University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Science
                                                             UGA Cooperative Extension Sumter County

                       STRAIGHT FROM THE VINE
                              November 2011
                          Earn Recognition from the President of the United States!
        Given our ongoing service activities, many of you are already eligible to receive a Presidential Service Award
from President Obama. To qualify, 4-H’ers under the age of 14 must volunteer at least 50 hours and 4-H’ers over the
age of 14 must volunteer at least 100 hours during this calendar year. Bronze, silver, and gold level awards are availa-
ble once every year.

4-H’ers aged 14 and older: Create an account online by visiting and submitting a record of your service
hours. Simply enter KLB-47447 as your record key of service listed under the profile section. We will then verify your hours and distribute
awards. 4-H’ers under the age of 14: Contact Ms. Tejal to create an account and enter hours. Turn in your hours, what you did, and your
contact information at All participants will be recognized at the annual 4-H Awards night for 2011.

We will continue to provide opportunities for you to volunteer, but feel free to volunteer on your own time also!

         4-H’ers Win at the Georgia National Fair
From the desk of Kylon Harris, Senior 4-H Chairman of Public                                              4-H WEEK Winners
                                                                             Sweet Potato Show Down
The Sumter County 4-H chapter traveled to the Georgia Na-
                                                                                    Youth 1st place Winner: Hannah Becton
tional Fair in Perry on Saturday, October 8, 2011. 4-H’ers par-
                                                                                           2nd place winners: Zafar Alam and Anjum Alam
ticipated in contests including but not limited to Mini-booth De-
                                                                                    Adult 1st place winners: Anna Moates and Jean Moates
signs, Cotton Bowl Speech Presentations, Inventing, Recy-
cling, Graphic Design, and Performing Arts. The group worked                              2nd place winners: Leigh Crumbley Tammy Crumbley
hard under the leadership of Mrs. Keri Gandy Hobbs (County                                3rd place winners: Drew Barre and Tonia Barre
Extension Agent), and claimed places in many of the contests.
                                                                             4‐H Week Essay Contest Winner: Hannah Becton
Mini-booth Placers: Anjum Alam (1st Place), Leigh Crum-                      4‐H Week 1st place Pop Tab Collec on Contest: Hannah Becton
bley (9th Place), and Morgan Bowen (3rd Place).                              4‐H Week 1st place Pop Can Collec on Contest: Hannah Becton
                                                                                      2nd place Pop Can Collec on Contest: Kai’Lynn Bridges
Invention Placer: Zafar Alam (1st Place)                                     Open House Challenge Bowl winner: Zafar Alam
Desert Pizza Placer: Sherdica Dugger (2nd Place)

Public Speaking Placers: Kai’Lynn Bridges (4th Place) and
Christopher Fraser (5th Place).                                                       Going Once, Going twice…..GONE!
                                                                                       Great Job Selling Sweet Potatoes!
Cotton Speech Presentation Placers: Christopher Fraser (4th                Sumter County 4-H’ers sold 2,000 pounds of sweet potatoes to
Place), Zafar Alam (6th place), Kai’ Lynn Bridges (10th
                                                                           support Fall programming and 4-H scholarships! Way to go!!!
                                                                           Congratulations Anna Moates, Hannah Becton, and Kai’Lynn
Recycled Art Placers: Hannah Becton (6th Place) and Lauren                 Bridges who were our top sellers. Thanks to everyone who sold
Busman (8th Place).                                                        and bought sweet potatoes! If you didn’t get a chance to place a
                                                                           pre-order we have a few extra bags available.
Other Competitors were:
                                                                                                  FOR MORE INFORMATION
Anna Moates – Junior Cotton Boll Speech Contest, Junior
Recycled Art Contest; Anjum Alam – Cloverleaf Decorated                                Contact Mrs. Keri Hobbs, Sumter Co. 4‐H Agent.
Agricultural Product, Cloverleaf Cotton Boll Speech, Challenge                       Email–        Phone: 229‐924‐4476
Bowl; Zafar Alam – Senior Minibooth, Senior Graphic Design,                         
Challenge Bowl; Drew Barrett – Cotton Boll Speech, Chal-                                    “Like” our page:
lenge Bowl; Jaillon Bridges—Challenge Bowl; Cody Cofty—                                   Visit our blog:
Challenge Bowl

The Sumter County 4-H chapter celebrates these victories as
we prepare for our upcoming Challenge Bowl Competition and
Desert Contest.
                                                                                 Agricultural and Natural Resources‐ Family and Consumer Sciences – 4‐H Youth
                         Support the Troops                                                    Important Dates & Deadlines
                     with Opera on Desert Support!
Let’s show our troops how much they are appreciated!! You are                   * November 11: Fall Forum early bird registration
invited to come & decorate stockings and/or cards at the Sumter Coun-           +November 16: Peanutrition recipes due
ty Extension Office on the November 22 between 10 am - 3 pm.
                                                                                *^ November 22: Project Achievement first draft due
Workday admission -Bring at least one item from the following:
 Beef jerky                                                                   November 22: Operation Desert Support Workday
 Bag of hard candy                                                            November 22: Fall Forum registration deadline
 Box of (10) individual Drink Bottle Flavor Packs (i.e. Crystal Light)        *^ December (TBA) Archery Team Introductory Meeting
 Toothbrush/toothpaste                                                        December 8: Deadline to send in empty ink jet cartilages
All items will be stuffed into stockings for troops deployed overseas           * December 10-11: Fall Forum at Rock Eagle
during the holidays.                                                            *^ December 16: Project Achievement FINAL draft due
         “Can Hunger” and help us serve the community!
                                                                                                   *Indicates event for Seniors.
 Bring us your canned goods for our State-wide 4-H Con-                                            ^ Indicates event for Juniors.
 test, and help us serve the community! (All cans will be                                        + Indicates event for Cloverleafs.

             donated to our local food bank.)                                             Questions? Call Mrs. Keri (229) 924-4476.

   Peanutrition Contest - Grades 5th-8th are chal-
lenged to make a healthy peanut dish and record the
  recipe! Be sure to check out the contest flyer for
  more info. Recipes due by Nov. 16 to Sumter 4-H.

                Project Achievement
   Juniors and Seniors, would you like to spend an
  ACTION packed weekend at Rock Eagle where
  you can grow as a leader in your club, showcase
  all your 4-H project work, and make new friends?
 If so, then you need to sign up for Project Achieve-
 ment! Portfolio drafts are due Nov. 22nd (excludes
                     picture page)
   Contact Mrs. Keri to find out how you can take
         part and gain more project work now!

                     Fall Forum
Seniors (9th –12th graders), spend a weekend at Rock
 Eagle having fun with 4-H’ers across the state! Fo-
rum will be held Dec. 10-11 and we hope you’re
   Early Bird Registration ends November 11th

 Write what
 you are
 thankful for
 inside the                                                Help Sumter County 4‐H & The Environment
 turkey. Cut
                                                           Bring your empty ink jet or laser toner cartridges, pop tabs, and
 -out the
 turkey and                                                aluminum cans to the Sumter County Extension Office to recycle
 hang on a
                                                           for good causes!
 wall or
 door, or
 send it to                                             October Crossword Answers: Across—1—Root Ac on, 3—Igneous, 5—Erosion, 6—Rock Cycle, 10—
 someone.                                               Metamorphic; Down—2– Sedimentary, 4—Weathering, 7—Glacier, 8—Frost Ac on, 9—Carbonic
                                                        Acid, 11—Mountain.

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