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									           Movers and shakers
           The ‘Man” Behind the Wesgro Africa Desk

By John Mkunu: Director
Jamesh Investment Africa

M      ichael Gamwo Manages
the International Trade - Africa
Unit at Wesgro. Wesgro is the
Government Agency for In-
vestment and Trade Promotion
of the Western Cape in South

Wesgro’s mission is to attract
foreign direct Investment in the
Cape Province and facilitate
International Trade with for-
eign countries.                    The overall aim of this pro-       the diaspora has been an asset
Fluent in both French and          gramme is to contribute to the     to the programme. The suc-
English, Gamwo originates          growth and development of the      cess of the programme also
from Cameroon and Arrived in       Western African region through     rests on Gamwo’s ability to
South Africa in 1994 to Study      facilitation of business linkag-   develop strategic partnerships
law at the University of Cape      es between Western Cape and        with companies, governments,
Town. He holds a LLB and a         countries situated along the       international organisations and
LLM from the University of         West Coast of Africa.              NGOs operating in the African
Cape Town.                         These include Angola, DRC,         region.
                                   Gabon, Congo, Nigeria, Cam-
With his Law credentials in-       eroon, Ghana Cote d’ivoire,        Since taking up his position at
ternational exposure in hand,      Togo, Benin, Senegal etc...        Wesgro in 2005, Gamwo has
he then decided to switch to                                          lead several high level Trade
International Trade. In 2000,      In addition, Gamwo has been        missions to African countries,
he completed an International      successfully running a Western     providing numerous export
Trade Diploma, as well as an       African business networking        business opportunities to local
Export Management diploma          forum, which is a platform for     companies and assisting many
at Damelin in 2001.                business people of the African     South African companies ex-
                                   diaspora based in Cape Town        pand their businesses in vari-
He is currently working to-        to network and interact with       ous African countries.
wards his second Master’s de-      South African companies, with
gree in Development Finance        the view of forming partner-       He has also successfully organ-
at the University of Stellen-      ships to explore opportunities     ized high profile seminars and
bosch Gamwo was instrumen-         on the continent.                  business networking forums in
tal in the launching of Wesgro                                        Cape Town, attended by high
at the internationally recog-      Building on the intrinsic knowl-   profile guests, including pres-
nized Western African Trade        edge and years of experience       idents and Ministers of coun-
Corridor program.                  of these business people of        trie s such as South Africa,

30   DBM
                                          Wesgro’s mission
Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria,
Angola and Ghana
Prior to working at Wesgro,
Gamwo held the Export Man-
ager position at two Cape Town
based companies, driving their                         is to attract
                                       foreign direct Investment
penetration into African coun-

He is well traveled throughout
Africa and has developed, in
the process, a huge network of
                                            in the Cape Province
partners that are used to facili-
tate the access of South African      and facilitate International
                                    Trade with foreign countries.
companies in those markets.

He has featured in numerous
newspapers articles such as
Sunday times, Business day,
Cape Argus, Cape Times and
Cape business news. He has
also featured on many televi-
sion interviews on South Afri-
can television SABC, discuss-
ing international trade related

Gamwo is married to Advocate
Bonnie Currie-Gamwo, deputy
director of Public prosecutions
of the Western Cape. They
have 2 children, Kayla aged 8
and Liam aged 5.

Gamwo has a passion for
sports, and plays social football
every weekend with a group of
friends in Cape Town.

Keep up Michael!

                                                               DBM   31

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