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									Alaska RV Rental, B&B RV Rental, Provides Luxury RV Rentals For Your
Alaska Vacation

Anchorage, AK, 05-FEB-2013 - B&B RV Rental, Alaska RV rental firm, is
pleased to announce that visitors can travel in luxury in America's 49th
State without being limited by local accommodations. Many travelers do
not want to spend their entire holiday in one location. The complexities
of getting to Alaska can limit the ability to actually see the scenic
areas. This is no longer true if visitors take advantage of Alaska RV

Having a known cost for the accommodations while in Alaska is a major
benefit. The rental firm provides a single price quote for the luxury.
There are no add-ons for miles, cookware, or a generator. Other helpful
amenities are provided, so the unit is set up and ready to roll when the
renter arrives in Anchorage.

The extras that are part of making an enjoyable vacation trip are all
included. Hauling items such as bedding and linens, in these days of
airline baggage charges is troublesome. Certainly a generator is not
something that would be easily shipped to the Alaska destination. These
items are provided as part of the quoted price.

A spokesperson for B&B RV Rental, interviewed recently, stated, "Think of
our Alaska RV rental units as a rolling Bed and Breakfast. You can stop
where you see something interesting. If you want to take part in a more
formal guided tour, that can be worked into the itinerary. Since we
provide free mileage, you can travel farther if you prefer without a
concern about mileage charges."

Another no-charge feature of Alaska RV rentals is that personal gear can
be shipped north and stored until the traveler arrives. The items which
might include fishing poles, golf clubs or other equipment will be safely
stored by the B&B RV Rental awaiting the arrival of the renter.

Learn more about the best way to enjoy traveling in luxury while in
Alaska by visiting the websites at today. Members of
the press and others who have additional queries regarding available
amenities and equipment are encouraged to contact the company at the
location provided below.

Company Name: B&B RV Rental

Address: 5737 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK 99518

Contact Telephone Number: (907) 240-8888



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