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									       Ingredients To Look For (And Avoid) In Natural Anti-Aging Creams

So you’ve decided it is time to start using anti aging skin care products. Good for you,
being so proactive about your skin. But here’s where it starts to get overwhelming: now
that you’ve decided anti wrinkle cream should be a part of your future, how on earth do
you go about finding the right natural anti aging products?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ingredients you should look for — and avoid —
when you’re searching for your perfect natural beauty products. With the proper
products and daily applications, you’ll be on the path to aging gracefully.

Look for: Vitamins
Vitamins C and E are excellent for your complexion and overall health. When used in the
same product, these vitamins work together to form a wrinkle reducer. On their own,
they still provide great benefits, though. Vitamin E helps promote the skin’s ability to
rebuild and heal itself, and helps skin to maintain its protective barriers. Vitamin C on its
own encourages collagen production for healthy, firm skin.

Avoid: Parabens
Parabens are a type of preservative, but unfortunately they produce the same result in
the body as estrogen does, which can be harmful for your skin in the long run. Instead,
choose products that only use natural preservatives.

Look for: Retinol
Retinols are a type of vitamin A compound and antioxidant that help the body slough off
old, dead cells. They also promote cell regeneration and collagen production. This allows
your skin to remain fresh and healthy-looking. It also helps prevent damage from free
radicals in your environment.

Avoid: Alcohol
Alcohol can be extremely drying to your skin. Many anti aging skin care products aim to
keep skin plump and hydrated, but alcohol in the formula allows the product to
evaporate more quickly. This means you need to reapply more frequently. It also
ensures you’ll purchase more of the product over time.

Look for: Antioxidants
Antioxidants, in their natural form, can typically be found in fruits and vegetables; they
help defend against free radical damage, similarly to retinols. They can also help prevent
sun damage, by protecting against collagen breakdown and damage. This prevents skin
from sagging and wrinkles from forming.

Avoid: Detergents
Many hair and skincare products contain sulfates, which are a type of detergent. They
allow cleansers and shampoos to produce a lathering effect. In addition, they contribute
to the skin’s dryness, and can cause irritation.

Look for: Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Alpha Hydroxy Acids can actually make you more prone to UV damage, but before you
write them off, consider this: they promote skin cell regeneration while naturally
exfoliating, so skin appears even and unlined. By sloughing off the dead cells, Alpha
Hydroxy Acids help moisturizing ingredients penetrate the epidermis, so you end up with
better results than you would without them.

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