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									   H       I     L       L      S     B     O       R    O                 P    R     E     S      B     Y     T     E      R       I    A     N

 Good News
Walking the talk...
Chris Adams | Pastor

                                                                 hpcnashville.org                                                  February 2013
A Note from Hudson           Target For Congre-     Outreach &                 Thanks yous, In         New HPC Members,         Valentines Dance!,
When I think about the       gational Care at HPC   Benevolence + Spruce       sympathy, worship                                Ash Wednesday
month of February, I                                Street Exchange            team, family camp at                             service, Master an-
think Valentine’s Day                               Guatemala, Luke            nacome conference
                                                                               center                                           gler, children’s hts
and…                                                                                                                            Lent Term
Page 2                                                                         Hydrangeas for
                                                                               Easter, Women’s         Women’s Breakfast,       Page 7
                                                                                                       Food For Thought
                                                                               Prayer Group
                                                                                                       Luncheon, Media
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                                                                                                On the cover: pj day at creative care center

The Good News
     H   I   L   L   S   B   O     R   O         P   R    E   S    B     Y     T    E   R    I   A      N
A Note from Hudson
When I think about the month of February, I think Valentine’s Day       PRESBYTERIAN

Remember decorating Valentine’s shoe boxes in elementary school?
Remember those amazingly cheesy cards? Growing up, I was a di-
nosaur enthusiast, so getting dinosaur cards was especially exciting,
                                                                                   Chris Adams
“You’ve got me RAPTOR round your finger! Will you be my Valen-
tine?”                                                                           Hudson Neely
                                                                             Minister of Discipleship
Valentine’s Day reminds me that there are lots of ways for us to ex-
press how much we care for each other. Have you heard, for exam-                 Amy Dillon
ple, of The Five Love Languages? In his popular book series on how Director of Children & Family
spouses and families can show their love for each other, author Gary               Ministry
Chapman contends that there are five basic expressions of love:
quality time, words of affirmation, gift giving, physical touch and acts       Shawn Cothran
of service. But it’s important, Chapman says, to know both how you       Director of Youth & Young
best receive love as well as how the person you care about receives            Adult Ministry
love best. And he’s not shy in admitting that learning to love well
takes lots of time and effort.                                                  Stephen Nix
                                                                         Director of Music Ministry
At HPC, we want to love well. And perhaps Chapman is right. Per-
haps loving starts with knowing. From Sunday School to Fellowship
events, there are so many opportunities for getting to know each               Alice O’Dwyer
other and for caring for each other as a church body (check out our       Child Care Coordinator
Congregational Care Model on page 6). But I want to tell you about
one opportunity in particular: Life Groups.                                    Carole Shean
                                                                          Financial Administrator
Life Groups are small groups of HPC folks who meet monthly in
homes in order to, on a most basic level, get to know each other and           Cynthia White
do life together. These groups share life, and often a meal, as they Director of Creative Care Center
discuss faith and everything from, as our website describes, life’s
“greatest joys” to its “deepest sorrows.” These groups are about car-          Tim Gmeiner
ing for, knowing and loving each other, and the community at large            Church Organist
too. If you’d like to find out a little more about Life Groups or sign up
for one, you can visit us online (hpcnashville.org/lifegroups) or simply
see one of our Life Group representatives available after each wor-                               info:
ship service during the month of February.                                            hpcnashville.org
February is a good month for us to think about love, and dinosaurs,
but mainly love.

With much love…and because I think you’re all DINO-mite!                The Good News deadline:
                                                                        Newsletter items will be ac-
                                                                        cepted until the third Sunday of
Hudson Neely,                                                           each month for publication in
Minister of Discipleship                                                the following month’s edition.

                                                                                               The Good News
   H       I     L     L   S    B    O      R     O           P     R     E      S     B     Y     T     E    R     I    A     N
   A Target For Congregational Care at Hillsboro Presbyterian Church
  “Beloved, since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; if we love one
                      another, God lives in us, and his love is perfected in us.” - 1 John 4:11-12

                                                                          WHY THE TARGET?
                                                                          With this target for congregational care, we are aim-
                                                                          ing for a churchwide model for care that involves
                                                                          and includes everyone — staff, church leaders and
                                                                          every single member. Keep reading to find out more
                                                                          about our model!

                                                                          *Individual (or Family): At the center of the target
                                                                          is the individual or family unit in yellow. As a
                                                                          church, we must continually ask the question, “How
                                                                          are we caring for every person at HPC?”

                                                                          *Life Groups: Surrounding the individual on the
                                                                          target is a small red circle, representing Life
                                                                          Groups. These small groups meet regularly in
                                                                          homes, growing in faith and love for one another,
                                                                          and the larger community too!

                                                                               Within the target’s larger blue circle, you’ll find
                                                                              these four essential congregational care pieces...
*Staff: Our HPC Staff play a major role in this model, including their weekly pastoral visits, on-call rotations and pastoral coun-
seling. The below table includes our February on-call and visitation schedule. Please note: If you ever have a pastoral emergency,
you can always call the church office (665-0148) and dial *9. You will be automatically forwarded to the staff person on-call. On-
call information also appears weekly in the Hillsboro Highlights email, which is sent on Fridays.
*Deacons: Your recently ordained Deacons oversee our HPC “family groups.” Every single church member is in a “family group”
and will be cared for by a Deacon! Your Deacon will be contacting you soon! A list of current deacons (and elders too) can be
found in the inside cover of the most recent directory (available in the church office).
*Membership Team: This team works behind the scenes to care for the HPC family in practical ways, including, for example, pro-
viding meals for families in crisis.
*Prayer Team: This is a team of folks who have committed to pray for whatever needs arise. They lovingly coordinate our prayer
chapel, prayer chain and prayer grams.
You might now be asking, “What about the congregation?” Actually, that’s really the most important part! At HPC, we believe
that each and every one of us are ministers. We are one body, and we all have a part to play! What will your part be?
                                                      Help us hit our target!
                Check out the contact information below to help us hit our target for congregational care at HPC...
How to Get Involved...
*Life Groups: To find out more or to register, visit hpcnashville.org or contact Hudson Neely at hudson@hpcnashville.org
*Membership Team: Email Beth Baxter at beth.baxter007@comcast.net
*Prayer Team: Email Lucy Carroll at lucycarroll401@comcast.net
    For more information or general questions, contact Hudson Neely, Minister of Discipleship, at hudson@hpcnashville.org.

                       Week ON-CALL Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
                      (Friday- (Friday- Visitation Visitation Visitation Visitation Visitation
                     Thursday) Thursday)
                      Feb 1-7  Shawn            Hudson      Shawn         Stephen          Chris          Amy
                     Feb 8-14   Amy             Hudson      Shawn         Stephen          Chris          Amy
                     Feb 15-21 Chris            Hudson      Shawn         Stephen          Chris          Amy
                     Feb 22-28 Hudson           Hudson      Shawn         Stephen          Chris          Amy
The Good News
     H   I    L     L     S     B     O       R    O           P     R     E     S    B      Y     T     E     R     I    A     N
Guatemala                                     tery of Sayaxché have elected. It costs      school. The soccer field was over 5
                                              money they don’t have but HPC has            blocks away. Oasis provided him with a
a 2/3 world country with much need            participated with them and now over 30       bike - taught him to build it and maintain
                                              kids have received assistance for the        it. This opened up a whole new world for
                                              past 10 years. About 15 have graduated       him. He loves paying soccer and being
                                              high school and a few are in college.        able to get around town.
                                              They can better control their own des-                Do you have an old bike in your
                                              tiny without our simplified intrusions of    garage that you no longer need? Call one
                                              “things” we think they need. Armed           of us, we will pick it up and get it to
                                              with a better understanding that their       someone that it would mean the world to.
                                              education provides they can determine             Lucy: 371-9366 // Linda: 371-0405
                                              for themselves what their primary
                                              needs are and have the confidence to
                                              act on them.
                                                      This year Don and Kim Srygley
                                              continue their service by collecting and
        How do we help them? Why              administering the Guatemala education
should we help them? The bible is rife        fund. They need your help to maintain
with statements, anecdotes, and par-          the hope we have seen that education
ables that instruct and teach us that it is   provides in Guatemala. Education is the
our responsibility to help those in           best thing you can provide. Contact the
need. The bible recognizes no bounda-         Srygleys at dsrygley@comcast.net |
ries social, political, or of gender;         376-9742. Everyone appreciates the
rather, it breaks down and surmounts          help you provide.
obstacles with strong language and
strong actions while using vivid word
pictures to inform us. As followers of
Jesus, we simply have no option. How
to help without harming is always the
        On the surface helping seems
easy: you have no shoes? We’ll get you
shoes. You have no school supplies?
We’ll bring you school supplies. You                   Luke 14:12 continues to be
don’t have clean water? We’ll set that        grateful for all the enthusiastic volun-
up for you. How would you like some           teers that come from Hillsboro.              Spruce Street Luncheon at HPC
medical care, some clothes, some tools?                On January 11th, we had the                  On Sunday, February 10 Pastor
We’ll even throw in some candy for the        privilege to serve 260 hungry men and        Ray Bowman and our friends from
kids. The need is obvious for upper           women roasted chicken with potatoes          Spruce Street Baptist Church will lead
middle class North Americans; we have         and all the fixins.                          us in a Unity Service at 10:00am in
the money, the desire and obligation to                Serving in the kitchen were         HPC's Sanctuary. Following worship,
help, and so we do—according to our           Gloria Shiavi, Joicelyn Gregory, Gayle       we'll have a churchwide luncheon in
understanding of the needs we deem            Sanders, and Woody Gant. Jim Harrell         the Fellowship Hall. We’ll be hosting
important.                                    manned the drink station and Lucy Car-       Spruce Street for lunch, so we need
        In many areas of Guatemala,           roll, Lynne McCalla, Debbie Locke,           you to bring lots and LOTS of your
we have seen the local shoe and cloth-        Jackie Morris, Janie Hay, Marcia Pope,       favorite food in the following cate-
ing industries completely devastated by       and Carol Nations. We welcomed               gory:
free goods from well-intentioned for-         Jackie Morris, Janie Hay and Marcia            *If your last name begins with A-J:
eigners. We have seen villagers and city      Pope as first time volunteers.                       please bring a Main Dish
dwellers wait for medical teams to ar-                 This is such a worthwhile, and       *If your last name begins with K-R:
rive while they suffer and die from           meaningful ministry, I hope more peo-             please bring Veggies or Salad
treatable maladies. We have seen build-       ple will volunteer to serve on the sec-       *If your last name begins with S-Z:
ings, clinics, and houses built by mis-       ond Friday and of every month.                        please bring a Dessert
sioners abandoned to the elements. We                                 Linda Kilpatrick     (It helps a lot if you bring your food in
have seen water facilities left untended,     BIKE MINISTRY                                a disposable container!)
unmaintained, and ill-used. We have                   Lucy Carroll & Linda Kilpatrick               We are also looking for several
seen school supplies and books lie            have noticed the great need for bicycles     volunteers to help with lunch set up
moldering in some forgotten room.             in the welfare community. Monroe             (warming food, removing empty plat-
Helping is more difficult than it ap-         Harding needs bikes so that the young        ters from the buffet line, etc.).
pears. The topic is beyond the scope of       men living there can get to work or to                We hope you'll make plans to
this short article.                           school. Room In The Inn can use bikes        be here for both worship and our meal
        Preparing interested people to        and Oasis Ministries has a whole bike        together! Feel free to call Amy Dil-
help themselves with academic educa-          ministry going on.                           lon at amy@hpcnashville.org if you
tion has been a choice a growing num-                 There was a story told to us about   have any questions or would like to
ber of children and adults in the Presby-     a boy who pretty much stayed home after      sign up to help!
                                                                                                                       The Good News
   H       I     L   L   S    B     O       R     O           P     R    E     S       B   Y   T   E   R   I   A     N
                                            homelessness. Like our star (in their
Thank You’s                                 logo) you are a bright light to us!
                                                                                       In Sympathy
                                                                     Charles Strobel
                                            Dear Friends,
                                                                                             Offering prayers and
                                                    On behalf of the entire Rooftop
                                            Board and staff, I would like to thank
                                                                                       support for their families, we
                                            Hillsboro Presbyterian Church for your
                                            generous contribution and for your
                                                                                       celebrate the Resurrection of
Dear Friends,
                                            ongoing support of our mission. With
                                            this grant Rooftop will be able to pro-
                                                                                       beloved members of Hillsboro
         All of us at Room in The Inn's     vide direct rental, mortgage and utility   Presbyterian Church:
Campus for Human Development - our          assistance to families in Davidson
homeless friends, our volunteers, our       County, providing housing stability,       Dorothy Jean Wright
staff, and our Board - want to express      preventing homelessness and provid-
our deepest appreciation of your gift       ing hope.                                  Bernie Smith
on November 29, 2012. Your contribu-                             Julia Gildemeister
tion makes a real difference in the lives
of so many struggling with
                                                                 Executive Director    John Upham
From the Family of John Upham:
We wish to thank each of you for your kind expressions of sympathy. The many cards, the visits at the hospital, the
time shared with each of us on Wednesday night and again with us on Thursday, Jan 10th. The Service was a beautiful
tribute and one that each of us will cherish and remember for years to come. John’s God and his church and friends
were an important part of his life. He thanked God for each of you and for constantly watching over him and for shar-
ing a life with him. It has been a beautiful life and one that I will cherish the “rest of my life”
Again thank each of you for sharing a small part of your life with each of us. You will always be remembered.
Love and blessings to each of you.
                -Gloria Yokely Upham
Worship Team
Hydrangeas for Easter
       The Worship Ministry Team decided to use hydrangeas this year for our Easter flowers instead of lilies, with a sin-
gle white arrangement using lilies. The cost for the hydrangeas is $13.50 per plant - watch for notices in a few weeks.
Women's Prayer Group
        We will meet on February 21st at noon at the home of Julia Harrell. Bring a sandwich and we'll eat lunch together
after our prayer time.

 Annual Family Camp at NaCoMe Conference Center
       Families with children through high school are invited to join us for our annual Family Camp held at
NaCoMe Conference Center in Pleasantville, TN on Saturday March 16-Sunday March 17. Our theme
                                                                                       for camp this year is
                                                                                       "Sent" which will
                                                                                       give children, youth
                                                                                       and adults the oppor-
                                                                                       tunity to explore what
                                                                                       it means to GO out
                                                                                       into the world as the
                                                                                       people God has cre-
                                                                                       ated us to be. This
                                                                                       retreat is a great op-
                                                                                       portunity for families
                                                                                       to come together in a
                                                                                       relaxed setting for a
                                                                                       weekend filled with
                                                                                       laughter, games, fel-
                                                                                       lowship, Bible study
                                                                                       and, of course, our
                                                                                       annual bonfire with
                                                                                       s'mores (a highlight
                                                                                       for children and
                                                                                       adults!). The cost,
                                                                                       including lodging and
                                                                                       meals, is $36 for
                                                                                       children ages 3-12
                                                                                       and $56 for youth
                                                                                       and adults ages 13
                                                                                       and over. The family
                                                                                       max is $200. Please
                                                                                       contact Amy Dillon to
register your family by Friday, February 15. Feel free to also contact Amy at amy@hpcnashville.org with
any questions you might have. We truly hope that your family will attend this awesome weekend!
The Good News
     H    I    L     L     S      B     O      R     O            P     R      E     S     B    Y    T    E    R    I   A      N
Welcome to our new HPC members!
                                                     Doug and Melissa Powers
                                                     They’ve recently moved to
                                                     Nashville from Charlottes-
                                                     ville, Virginia. Doug and
                                                     his brother, who also lives
                                                     in Nashville, own and run
                                                     Realbright Research.
                                                     Melissa is a librarian at
                                                     Currey Ingram Academy.
                                                               Lynda Jody Kelly
                                                        Jody is also new to Nash-
                                                          ville, moving here from
                                                       Austin, Texas. Jody works
                                                     as the Manager of Anatomic
                                                         Pathology for Vanderbilt.

                 FOOD FOR THOUGHT                                                        Women's Breakfast
                                                                                                The women's breakfast will
              & FRIENDS LIFE LUNCHEON                                                    meet at the home of Susan Varney on
                                                                                         Feb.9, 2013 at 9 A.M. Susan and
                           Monday, February 4                                            Lucy Carroll will prepare our break-
                                                                                         fast and we will have a devotional.
                                                                                         Join us for fun, fellowship and a great
                                                                                         breakfast. Please call Susan or me for
                                                                                         directions or questions.
                                                                                                         Thanks, Sharon Turner

                                                                                         Calling All Tech Lovers
                                                                                                Are you fascinated with new
                                                                                         technologies? Do you like to explore
                                                                                         possibilities on your computer, tablet
                                                                                         or phone? We have a great opportunity
                                                                                         for you to serve HPC while doing what
                                                                                         you love.
                                                                                                As you know, the church is in
                                                                                         the process of identifying and hiring a
                                                                                         Director of Communications. When
                                                                                         this new staff person is on board, he or
                                                                                         she will need volunteers from the con-
                                                                                         gregation to support a wide range of
                With Special Musical Guest
                                                                                         new communication initiatives. As just
              TOM PALLARDY                                                               one example, the Media Team has re-
                                                                                         cently purchased a video camera so
                                                                                         that we can create videos for the web-
                                                                                         site, for special HPC events, etc.
         Fellowship Hall at Hillsboro Presbyterian Church                                Would you like to work on this or other
                                                                                         communications projects? Say YES!
                               11:30-12:30                                               Contact me at jreddig@bellsouth.net
                               LUNCH IS ONLY $5                                                                       Jill Reddig
                                                                                                            Media Team Member
         Call 665-0148 for reservations or Email Hudson at hudson@hpcnashville.org
                                                                                                                      The Good News
   H       I     L   L    S     B      O      R     O            P      R     E     S     B     Y     T     E     R     I    A     N
                                                                                        Hillsboro Theological Seminary
                                                                                            Lent Term for Children
                                                                                             (Wed, Feb 20-Mar 13)

                                                                                            Our Lent Term for Hillsboro Theo-
                                                                                    logical Seminary begins Wednesday, Feb-
                                                                                    ruary 20. While adults can choose from two
                                                                                    great classes presented by Dr. Edward Far-
                                                                                    ley or our own Hudson Neely your children
                                                                                    will spend their Wednesday evenings shar-
                                                                                    ing meals together, exploring Lenten prac-
                                                                                    tices such as prayer and preparing for their
                                                                                    participation in our Easter festivities. Pro-
                                                                                    grams begin at 6:30pm each Wednesday
                                                                                    Night of the Term. Dinner begins at
                                                                                    5:43pm. Reservations for dinner, as well as
                                                                                    class selections for adults, can be made by
                                                                                    emailing reservations@hpcnashville.org.
                                                                                    For more information about Children's Pro-
                                                                                    gramming please contact Amy Dillon at
                                                                                    Nursery News
                                                                                           The Nursery has graduated seven
                                                                                    children to The Well: Ateny Kur, Reagan
                                                                                    Davis, Arou Arou, Joshua Know, Alaina
                                                                                    Kindoll, Reilyn Carlton, Charlie Cannon
                                                                                           Join us in Sunday School in Febru-
                                                                                    ary as we we explore the theme “My Family
                                                                                    Loves Me” Come by and visit us or join us
                                                                                    as a Nursery Volunteer by contacting Alice
                                                                                    O’Dwyer or Amy Dillon.
                                                                                                           Alice Page O’Dwyer
                                                                                                             Nursery Coordinator

                                            ASH WEDNESDAY SERVICE
                                            WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13
                                            6:30PM IN THE SANCTUARY
HPC's Master Angler                                                    16" Crappie, 31" Largemouth Bass, 14" Rock Bass, 30" Sock-
                                                                       eye Salmon, 56" Black Tip Shark, 30" Carp, 23" Cutthroat
         Annually the Indianapolis Fly Casters have their members      Trout, 30" Peacock Bass, 22" Sea Trout, 14" White Bass, 29"
submit photographs and statistics on the fish caught. (It does not     Bonefish, 31" Chum Salmon, 23" Dolly Vardon, 21" Pink
matter when they were caught, just that they had never been previ-     Salmon, 24" Snook, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Bluegill
ously submitted.) If they meet certain size and length criteria, one   Sunfish and a Largemouth Bass caught North of the Mason-
receives a Tight Lines Award for that particular fish. Once you get    Dixon Line.
five of those, you are eligible to be a Master Angler. HPC’s own                He was given a Master Angler Award this year. All of
Charles Miller gathered the information needed and received an         these were caught on fly line. It is a fly fishing award. He says
Award for each of the following 26: (the person closest has only 5)    this only means that he has fished a very long time.
         21" Arctic Grayling, 15" Brook Trout, 30" Coho Salmon,                                                  Thank you, Sally Miller
42" King Salmon, 29" Redfish, 40" Barracuda, 21" Brown Trout,
The Good News
  H    I    L    L    S   B   O   R   O       P    R   E     S   B   Y   T   E   R   I   A    N

The Good News this month:
A Note From Hudson, Target For Congregational Care At HPC, Out-
reach & Benevolence + Spruce Street Exchange, Thanks You’s, In Sym-
pathy, Worship Team, Family Camp At NaCoMe Conference Center,
New HPC Members, Women’s Breakfast, Food For Thought Luncheon,
Media Team Request, Valentines Dance!, Ash Wednesday Service, Mas-
ter Angler, Children’s HTS Lent Term

Hillsboro Presbyterian Church             hpcnashville.org                           February 2013
5820 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215
                        February BIRTHDAYS
 1   Carolyn Musfeldt             18       Gracyn Carlton
 2   Tedros Legesse               19       Cindy Penley
 3   John Hazen                            Henry Hall
     Charles Sargent              20       Deng Kur
     Greg Gardner                 21       Sandy Mesner
     Gary Ray                     23       Polly House
 5   Walter Williams                       Greg Boss
     Rita Escue                            Deke Smith
     Jonah Albert                          John Howard
 6   Gene Clark                   24       Sharon Turner
 9   Julia Harrell                         Joe Scarlett
     Jozi Ndagijimana             25       Gale Dougherty
11   Cheryl Ryans                          Marge Lewis
12   Norma Layne                           Joseph Kindoll
13   Doug Turner                  27       Dennis Lord
     Beth McCaw                   28       Boyd Culver
     Kyle Keene                            Hazel Nichols
     Jason Payne
14   Rebecca Ressler
     Michael Hanna                If your birthday is not included, please call the church office so
                                  we can update our records. W e don’t want to leave you out!
15   Jody Grantham
     Bill Ritter
Web Calendar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Feb 2013 (Central Time)
                 Sun                                      Mon                                       Tue                                    Wed                                      Thu                                 Fri                                    Sat
                                     27                                       28                                     29                                     30                                       31                                1                                        2

                                                                                                                                                                                                          5 p m - Room In The Inn @ Room 112

                                     3                                         4                                      5                                         6                                    7                                 8                                        9

 9 a m - Early Worship Service @          1 1 : 3 0 a m - Food For Thought @       1 1 : 1 5 a m - Staff Meeting @        7 : 3 0 p m - Adult Choir                 7 a m - Men's Group @ Parish          4 p m - NaCoMe Winter Retreat @ NaCoMe
 Sanctuary                                Chapel                                   Parish House Parlor                                                              House Parlor
 1 0 : 1 5 a m - Friendship Class                                                  6 : 3 0 p m - CCC Workshop @                                                     6 : 3 0 p m - Praise Band Rehearsal   5 p m - Room In The Inn @ Room 112
                                                                                   Fellowship Hall                                                                  @ Fellowship Hall
 1 0 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School                                                                                                                                                                                                                 9 a m - Women's Breakfast

 1 0 : 1 5 a m - Youth Leader Meeting
 @ Studio 100
 1 1 : 1 5 a m - Worship Service @
 5 p m - Youth Super Bowl Party @
 Studio 100

                                     10                                       11                                     12                                     13                                       14                                15                                       16

 1 0 a m - Spruce Street Unity Service & Luncheon @ HPC                            1 0 a m - Men's & Women's Bible        6 : 3 0 p m - Ash Wednesday               7 a m - Men's Group @ Parish          5 p m - Room In The Inn @ Room 112
                                                                                   Study @ Chapel                         Service @ Sanctuary                       House Parlor
 NaCoMe Winter Retreat @                  5 : 3 0 p m - HR Meeting @ Parish        1 1 : 1 5 a m - Staff Meeting @        7 : 3 0 p m - Adult Choir                 6 : 3 0 p m - Media Team @ Parish                                          6 : 3 0 p m - Churchwide Valentine's
 NaCoMe                                   House Parlor                             Parish House Parlor                                                              House                                                                      Dance @ Fellowship
                                                                                   6 : 3 0 p m - Supper Sisters/Offsite                                             6 : 3 0 p m - Praise Band Rehearsal                                        Hall
                                                                                   @ Offsite                                                                        @ Fellowship Hall

                                     17                                       18                                     19                                     20                                       21                                22                                       23

 9 a m - Early Worship Service @                                                   1 1 : 1 5 a m - Staff Meeting @        5 : 4 3 p m - 5-4-3 Dinner @              7 a m - Men's Group @ Parish          5 p m - Room In The Inn @ Room 112
 Sanctuary                                                                         Parish House Parlor                    Fellowship Hall                           House Parlor
 1 0 : 1 5 a m - Friendship Class                                                                                         6 : 3 0 p m - Hillsboro Theological       1 2 p m - Women's Prayer Group @                                           6 p m - Studio 100 Fundraiser
                                                                                                                          Seminary Lent Term                        Home of Julia Harrell                                                      Concert @ Studio 100
 1 0 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School                                                                                            7 : 3 0 p m - Adult Choir                 6 : 3 0 p m - Praise Band Rehearsal
                                                                                                                                                                    @ Fellowship Hall
 1 1 : 1 5 a m - Worship Service @
 5 p m - MS Studio 100 @ Studio
 6 : 4 0 p m - HS Studio 100 @ HPC
 Studio 100

                                     24                                       25                                     26                                     27                                       28                                1                                        2

 9 a m - Early Worship Service @          7 p m - The Book Club @ Offsite          1 0 a m - Men's & Women's Bible        5 : 4 3 p m - 5-4-3 Dinner @              7 a m - Men's Group @ Parish
 Sanctuary                                                                         Study @ Chapel                         Fellowship Hall                           House Parlor
 1 0 : 1 5 a m - Friendship Class                                                  1 1 : 1 5 a m - Staff Meeting @        6 : 3 0 p m - Hillsboro Theological       6 : 3 0 p m - Praise Band Rehearsal
                                                                                   Parish House Parlor                    Seminary Lent Term                        @ Fellowship Hall
 1 0 : 1 5 a m - Sunday School                                                     6 : 3 0 p m - Session Meeting @        7 : 3 0 p m - Adult Choir
 1 1 : 1 5 a m - Worship Service @

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