He Wants to Sail but She Wants the Spa - Now What? by revolutionmarinefinance.au


Say “no” no more to your man’s idea of getting in a romantic sail even when you’ve made your spa plans already. Ever heard about getting a spa on sail?

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									  He Wants to Sail but
She Wants the Spa – Now
Don't be surprised if your man already had vivid plans to take you out on a romantic
sailing spree even before he started looking for boat loan lenders who'll help him get a

Surely, a romantic sailing spree is irresistible. But what if it falls on a day when you've
already planned to unwind in a spa? What if he wants to go sailing but you want to go
for a spa day? What will you do?

The answer to that is "gracefully compromise."

Sailing with him and getting your spa day are two things that you can do together. So
you don't have to deal with the "sail or spa" dilemma. Who knows this sailing spree may
be his way of celebrating the fact that he has already paid-off the last cent of his boat
finance due and he wants to celebrate it with you.

If you are wondering how you can make this possible then grab a pen and a paper and
take down notes as you read through the sail and spa guide to a graceful compromise

Step 1: Say yes to your man.

He may have consulted you before he went ahead and talked to prospect lending
companies in Australia for boat finance. That shows that he values your opinion at this
huge purchase even when he'll be paying off the loan with his own money. So, go
ahead and accept his invitation. We'll deal with your spa on sail needs in the next steps.

Step 2: Plan out the treatments you'd have on board.

For this, here is a tip: go for treatments that you will both enjoy like if this trip is to
unwind for a long week at work, be sure to include body scrubs and essential oils for
massage. Foot spa treatments and scents that encourage relaxation and a good sleep.
Be sure to consider treatments your man would enjoy too, this will be your special way
of congratulating him for, say, paying off his boat loan dues to the last cent.

Step 3: Don't forget your beauty treatments.

You may love having a lemon hair spa to give your scalp a health boost while giving
your hair added shine. Did you know that applying lemon on your hair and letting your
hair out on the sun dyes your hair to a pleasant light hair color glow?
Step 4: Gather and organize.

Secure a waterproof bag and pack your spa supplies in. Don't forget your towels and
head bands. You may need gloves too especially when you'd get your hands soaked on
any treatment solution like when you do your foot spa. Containers may also be needed

Step 5: Sail and enjoy your getaway

Whether it is to celebrate a fully paid-off boat loan repayment or whether it is just
another romantic getaway together, say "yes!" That's even when it means skipping the
spa downtown. You can bring it along with you on sail anyway!

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