How to Do Your Hair for Sports by jeriffcheng


									How to Do Your Hair for Sports
For any athletic activity, it is advisable to style the hair in a manner that will not pose a
safety concern to the athlete. Aside from impairing an athlete's vision, long hair can get
caught in sports gear or create a variety of other risks. Style hair for an upcoming sports
activity with safety in mind.

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Things You'll Need

      Elastic band
      Ponytail holder
      Spritz

           o   1

               Wet the hair and brush backward away from the face. Secure hair with an
               elastic band. Leave hair loose or braid and secure the tip of braid with
               elastic band. Mist with a holding spray.

           o   2

               Wear athletic headband. Smooth hair back with a ponytail holder and
               secure. Slide a headband onto the head. A headband designed for wear
               during sports will prevent excessive sweat from damaging your hair.

           o   3

               Pull hair back and secure with a hair tie. Twist into a bun. Secure with an
               additional hair tie or with bobby pins. Mist with a gentle hair spritz.

           o   4

               Style shorter hair by simply combing it back away from the face. Apply a
               product like gel to keep hair in place.
Tips & Warnings
     Avoid pulling hair back too tightly with a ponytail holder because this can cause
      thinning around the hairline.

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