How to Do Evening Hair by jeriffcheng


									How to Do Evening Hair
Romantic, glamorous hairstyles will make you feel confident and attractive. When you
run short on time or cash, and a trip to your favorite hair salon is impossible, you can still
get a flattering evening hair look that complements your wardrobe. Learn how to select
and create your own hair looks for all your evening events.

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       Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

      Alligator clip
      Flat iron
      Teasing comb
      Bobby pins
      Decorative combs
      Hair spray
      Hair brush
      Spiral curler
      Decorative clip
      Hot rollers
      Hair clips

   1. Short Hair
           o   1

               Pull up the top of your hair and place it in an alligator clip. Heat up a flat
               iron. Straighten the bottom portion of your hair with the flat iron.

           o   2

               Remove the alligator clip. Grasp the front of your hair with right hand and
               hold a teasing comb in the left hand.

           o   3
        Lift up the front portion of the hair and back comb the hair by moving the
        teasing comb up and down the hair. Use the comb to back comb the hair
        with three or four strokes. Spritz the hair with hair spray and allow the hair
        to dry for one minute.

    o   4

        Brush the combed area back, smoothing out the top of the tease. Hairspray
        the style in place.

    o   5

        Tuck the hair on the sides of the head behind the ears and then secure the
        hair back with bobby pins. Choose decorative combs for a bit of glitzy
        style. Hairspray the hair all over.

2. Mid-Length Hair
    o   1

        Curl your clean dry hair with a spiral curler. As you wrap each section of
        hair in the curling iron, blast the section with hairspray.

    o   2

        Pull up the back of your hair with your fingers. Twist the back of the hair
        in your hand a few times. Lay it on the back of your head. Secure the hair
        twist with a decorative clip and arrange the top of the hair prettily. This
        style is called a waterfall.

    o   3

        Pull down curled tendrils of hair around your face. Spray the styled hair.

3. Long Hair
    o   1

        Roll clean dry hair with velvet covered hot rollers. Use the largest rollers
        in your roller unit. Curl the hair up and under.

    o   2

        Secure each roller as your roll it with a hair clip. Spray the entire head of
        hair with hairspray. Allow the hair to cool completely before removing all
        the hot rollers.
o   3

    Flip your head over and shake the curls with your fingers. Spray the hair
    underneath with just one or two blasts of spray.

o   4

    Hold your head upright and arrange the top of your hair with your fingers.
    Spray the hair in place.

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