How to Do Bridesmaids' Hair by jeriffcheng


									How to Do Bridesmaids' Hair
Before choosing the bridesmaids' hairstyle, a decision needs to be made as to whether the
wedding party's hair will contrast or complement the bride's hair. Will barrettes,
headbands or other accessories be worn by the bridesmaids? Whatever the case,
remember that what style works for one may not necessarily work for another. A
hairstyle rehearsal should be planned in advance to see what works, what does not and to
see how the chosen hairstyles hold up over the course of several hours.

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   1. Hairstyles for Short Hair
           o   1

               Leave the bridesmaid's hair down. Curl or straighten the hair, and/or
               change the part.

           o   2

               Style the bridesmaid's hair in an updo if her hair is at least three inches

           o   3

               Add hair accessories to match the bridesmaid's dress, such as clips or a

   2. Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair
           o   1

               Curl the hair with large rollers to get big, soft, natural looking curls. Pull
               the hair up, leaving loose ringlets down to frame the face.

           o   2

               Layer straight or curly hair, brushing it back to slightly cover the ears. The
               front should be fully parted.
         o   3

             Style the hair into a soft bun at the nape of the neck, leaving a few strands
             of hair down on the sides. Dress up the look with a hairpin that matches
             the dress.

  3. Hairstyles for Long Hair
         o   1

             Style the hair into a French twist at the back of the neck.

         o   2

             Curl the hair with large rollers and pull back the front with a headband for
             a soft, romantic look.

         o   3

             Weave a few thin braids on each side of hair and wrap a strand of loose
             hair around each braid.

Tips & Warnings
     Finish styling the hair with a hairspray that provides good control, but doesn't
      leave the hair tacky or heavy.
     Someone who is able to handle little hair emergencies, such as slipping of hair
      accessories or hair blowing out of place, should be available before the wedding
      ceremony until the photo shoot.
     For women with thin hair, try hair extensions to create a fuller appearance.

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