Cute Ways to Quickly Do Your Hair by jeriffcheng


									Cute Ways to Quickly Do Your Hair
Once you have your basic styling tools and aids together, there must be a way to make
hair presentable -- even cute -- in less time than it takes to brush your teeth. Setting aside
elaborate up-dos, stiff curls and pompadours, get down to the business of putting a
hairstyle together without deliberation or delay.

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   Simple Comb-Out
           With all the fluffing, teasing, tossing and tousling that goes on in the interest
           of up-to-the-minute hairstyles, one of the simplest of dos is often overlooked.
           It's called combing your hair to remove tangles, then just leaving it alone. The
           best way to ensure cute with a simple comb-out is to start with a quality cut.
           Trimming ends regularly also helps defend against snags and tangles. If you
           are married to the notion of using hair products, smooth a pump of mousse or
           a few drops of serum or oil over your hair after it is combed. You'll be good to

           Comb or brush your hair back to the crown or center back of your head or the
           nape of your neck. Secure it with a tie or a cloth-covered ponytail holder. Use
           anything from terrycloth to satin or velvet in absolute, pastel or neon colors
           for visual interest. If your hair is long, comb through the ponytail to smooth. If
           you simply can't live without a frou-frou touch, pull out 1-inch or smaller
           pieces of hair in front of each ear as tendrils.

           Go for a casual single braid or a pair of braids, also known as pigtails. Comb
           or brush your hair until smooth. For a single braid, grab your hair near the
           nape of your neck and divide it into three sections Braid the hair to about 1
           inch to 2 inches from hair ends. Fasten with a tie. For pigtails, part your hair
           down the center from front to back. Start braiding at a point about 1 inch or so
           behind your ear, stopping about 1 inch before strand ends. Secure with a tie.
           Repeat this process behind your other ear, and you're done.

       Casual Bun
This look is great for Saturday errands, but not so great for the office. Brush
or comb your hair to the back of your head. Grab your hair near the scalp and
twist it loosely to the ends of the strands. Place your hand at the scalp end of
the twist and wrap the twisted hair around the base of the twist to form a
doughnut-shaped bun. Tuck the ends of the hair into the bun and secure the
doughnut to your scalp with hairpins. Let any wisps or strays that escape from
the bun fall as they may. The look is not immaculate.

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