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					British Embassy in Singapore: Why do
people want to enter the UK?
   The Great Britain is
    undoubtedly one of the hottest
    destinations of the world.
    Many people want to enter the
    country for many different
    purposes. Students wish to
    attend the schools ,
    universities and colleges. The
    country has extended history
    and education foundation with
    the top leading universities
    and colleges of the world:
   University of Cambridge, University of Bristol, University of
    York, University of Oxford, University of Surrey, University
    of Manchester, SOAS, University of Leicester, University
    of Exeter, University of Sussex, London School of
    Economic, Queen's University Belfast, University of
    Newcastle, University of St Andrews, Imperial College
    London, King's College London, University of Sheffield,
    University College London,Durham University, Royal
    Holloway London, University of Glasgow, University of
    Birmingham, Loughborough University, University of
    Southampton, University of Lancaster, University of
    Warwick, University of East Anglia, niversity of Edinburgh,
    University of Bath, University of Nottingham, University of
   These are the top univerties
    of UK and certainly their
    prestige can make
    everybody feel assured
    about the qualities and
    studying environment.
    Attending and graduating
    from the British universities
    seem to be a warranty card
    for student to get good job
    and take over it well.
   People may want to enter the
    country for traveling. It is easily to
    list the top tourist sites in the Great
    Britain: Stonehenge - The Mystical
    Healing Ground - Breathtaking
    Jewel of the North, York Minster,
    Portmeirion - A Mediterranean
    Flavour off the Coast of
    Snowdonia, Stratford-upon-Avon -
    Birthplace of the Legendary Bard,
    The Roman Baths at Bath - The
    Hot Spring of Roman Britain,
    Warwick Castle - Medieval England
    in the Heart of the Midlan, Hampton
    Court Palace - Hampton House of
    Horrors, The Tower of London - Off
    with their Heads, Edinburgh Castle
    - Perched Atop the Heart of
    Scotland and The London Eye –
    The big wheel.
   Traveling and studying are the
    most popular reasons that
    make people want to enter the
    Great Britain. There are some
    more reasons. These reasons
    are rather important because
    it decides the kind of British
    visa you need to be allowed of
    entering the nation: student
    visa, tourist visa, business
    visa, crew visa…. This is the
    top requirement to enter any
    foreign country. People will
    never be let in without this
   It is said that getting a visa
    is a long challenging
    process. It is true in fact. It
    take you much time, effort,
    fee….But there is a way to
    make everything easier:
    asking the British
    embassies for the exact
    info and guidance. There
    are 147 British embassies
    and consulates all over the
    world: British Embassy in
    Brussels, Belgium; British
    Embassy in Singapore,
    Singapore; British
    Embassy in San Jose,
    Costa Rica….

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