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Most types of network marketing software aren't free. There is usually a monthly costs associated with using the
software, getting access to the marketing campaigns, and be able to get paid affiliate commissions. You need to
think seriously about whether you can afford a network marketing software that requires a monthly cost or not.
You get what you pay for.

Most network marketing software systems right now are leaning toward opening your own merchant account so
you can get paid 100% of the sale, minus royalty dues and merchant fees. There is no way that you can use a
free mlm software that offers those perks. However, there is a free mlm software that does give you access to
40% commissions. They also have a variety of great products that can offer your prospects and mlm team.

The only free mlm software that I know of is available through Magnetic Sponsoring. You can get it by
checking out the "Only Suckers Buy Leads" book on Amazon or buying any of their other products. Magnetic
Sponsoring is a company that generates 8-figure sales each year and offers excellent products and services with
a free mlm software account.

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The Advantage of Free MLM Software

The great thing about Magnetic Sponsoring's free mlm software is that once you start generating leads, you'll be
able to create a separate income stream that can help you build your primary company. You can use that money
for advertising, and create endless business growth. Anyone can participate and it can be a great starting point
for your marketing team if they can't afford a fancy marketing system.

This free mlm software is part of what is called a funded proposal system. There are 5 great benefits of a funded
proposal system:
   1. The high sales rate of an information product funds your advertising and increases your cash flow
      instantly. You reduce your expenses to $0 or even make a profit by retailing an inexpensive funded
      proposal product on the front end to your leads. This is critical when you consider that 95%+ will never
      join your primary opportunity. That means that you’re leaving 95% of your potential income off the
      table if you’re not promoting affiliate products or services to them!
   2. Sponsoring an existing customer is much easier than trying to sponsor a stranger. You don’t try and sell
      your prospects on your business opportunity the first time you meet. You sell them an inexpensive
      information product that will help them. You befriend them and build trust. You show them how to
      really make money in the industry with true marketing – not fliers and meetings.
   3. You position yourself as an expert instead of a peddler like everyone else. You build respect and trust
      with your prospects because you offer them more than just another opportunity. You offer a solution, a
      system, and your help, positioning you as a leader.
   4. You get a chance to pre-train and educate your prospects who just might be your future business
      partners, instead of just trying to sell them on hype which is extremely short sighted. Why not sell them
      a retail training course that will turn them into a better business owner’s right from the start?
   5. It gets your newest reps into positive cash flow immediately. Marketing a low-priced, fast-selling retail
      product first, funds their advertising campaigns, which gets your new reps into cash flow as soon as
      possible, creating momentum in your team and decreasing attrition.

This is the smart way to do business. This is how the masters of this industry make it happen. Do you think they
do home meetings or make cold calls? No. They market information, which pays for their advertising, which
serves as a never ending source of free leads for their home business.
The Disadvantages of Free MLM Software

Because Magnetic Sponsoring's marketing system is free mlm software, it comes with its disadvantages. For
instance, you don't get very much customablity for the marketing campaigns, and it doesn't personally brand
you as a leader, it brands magnetic sponsoring and Mike Dillard. Another disadvantage of the free mlm
software is their affilaite commissions take forever to process. You have to wait 30 days for the product sales to
learn the 30 day return policy, and you have to wait another 30 days for you to get paid. If you are fine with not
being paid from your marketing efforts quickly, then this free mlm software may be for you. If you have less
than $100/month to be able to commit to a higher quality funded proposal system, I recommend My Lead
System Pro instead.

Who Is This Free MLM Software For Then?

Free mlm software like what Magnetic Sponsoring provides is for people who are basically forced to build their
business on a shoe-string budget. In fact they even have a course called "Building On A Budget", and it is their
lowest cost course being $30. It comes with access to the free mlm software when you invest in the course.

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