Youth Ideas: Valentines Wink’em by sappken


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  Game Description
  This is a classic Valentine’s
  Day game where the
  objective is for the girls to
  catch a guy or vice versa!

  Chairs for everyone

  What to do
  1. Seat all the guys in a circle.
  2. Leave one chair empty.
  3. A girl stands behind each
     chair (including the empty
     one) with her hands behind
     her back.

4.   The objective is for the girl
     standing behind the empty chair
     to get a guy into her chair. She
     does this by winking at one of
     the guys.
5.   The guy winked at tries to run
     and sit in the empty chair
     without being tagged by the girl
     behind his chair.

6.   If successful the guy takes his
     new seat and become her
     Valentine and the game
     continues with the girl who just
     lost her guy.
7.   At some point, you may switch
     and put the girls in the chairs
     and let the guys do the
     winking. (But make sure they
     are gentle when they tag the

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