Chula Vista Bayfront SDGE Power Plant Implosion by tpjaia


Feb 2, 2013, on the City of Chula Vista Bayfront, the old SDGE Power Plant implosion took place. This structure was built in 1957. By it's removal, the city can now embark on improvements of the largest undeveloped bayfront in the entire State of California.

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									February 4th, 2013                                                                                                   Published by: tpjaia

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Chula Vista Bayfront SDGE                                            Politician, Unions, Historians, and Environmentalists have all
                                                                     had a seat at this table. And it has not been an easy process.
Power Plant Implosion                                                Even the San Diego Chargers took a look at this location for
                                                                     a future stadium site. But that is a conversation to have in a
Chula Vista Bayfront SDGE Power                                      separate blog post.
Plant Implosion                                                      Somehow, someway, over time & much debate, this day finally
Awesome! Really a great experience. So glad I got up in time         came. I simply could not stay in bed and have it pass by without
to go see this in person.                                            being present for this monumental event.
Our City of Chula Vista is finally going to get some much            The Chula Vista Bayfront SDGE Power Plant Implosion was
needed revitalization & redevelopment on our Bayfront.               a piece of our history, of my history, that had to be witnessed
                                                                     in person. Watching it on the news was simply not going to do
Which, by the way, happens to be the largest undeveloped             at all.
bayfront in the entire State of California.
                                                                     I took many pictures, before & after, and I have several
There is so much I want to say about this that one single post       other videos too. There were a few different side stories that
will not suffice.                                                    presented themselves, and I was able to capture some of them.
Where It All Started                                                 All in all, I’m really glad I woke up, got up, and got out to
                                                                     experience this day in my life.
Back in 1957, just one year before I was born, San Diego Gas &
Electric built this power plant on our bayfront.                     The Chula Vista Bayfront SDGE Power
Back then, Chula Vista had the reputation (for better or             Plant Implosion is history.
worse), of being a “sleepy little border town”. Located just         Local or not, I hope you enjoyed seeing our City change right
5 minutes from the International Border with Mexico, I still         before your eyes.
remember my dad taking me to Tijuana for a haircut on
Saturday morning.
When I was growing up the Chula Vista Bayfront SDGE Power            I’m also very proud to say that, were it not for being active with
Plant was the most dominate structure on the water. Never            Empower Network, and the great leadership I receive from my
was it ever attractive, it was simply a necessary source for         Team Take Massive Action leader Chris Record, I would not
energy to our City, and employment to it’s citizens.                 have been motivated enough to blog about relevant current
There was no I-805, locals know what I’m talking about here,
our major North-South freeway that came in during the late           or click on the Sexy yellow button below to get started right
1970′s.                                                              now…

There was no Otay Ranch housing development. As kids,
we rode bikes past the cows grazing on the hills. Telegraph
Canyon Road was only 2 lanes, and Southwestern College was
“out in the stick”.

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