Organizing the Kitchen by mcclainmy


									Organizing the Kitchen
The kitchen of the home is usually one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Because of this,
the kitchen can be, at times, a little less than organized or controlled.

One should take the time that would be spent on cleaning the kitchen area of a home to add some
additional organizational protocols into the use of their kitchen. Such additional organizations
incorporated into the structure of the kitchen will not only help increase the effectiveness of time spent
in the kitchen but should also help to keep the area more clean for longer.

There is not really one specific place to start when organizing a whole kitchen, rather a few general tips
and specific suggestions to help the homeowner set a better structure to the kitchen. Most suggestions
are simply that, suggestions, and any specific changes that will be made to the kitchen are completely
up to the homeowner themselves and the style of organization they desire to employ.

Space-Saving Tips
That being said, everyone should never underestimate the usefulness and space-saving characteristics of
lazy Suzan style organizers. These days turn table style appliances and shelves are designed for a variety
of uses from revolving spice racks to Tupperware holders.

All of which can and should be used to get the most use out of the space in a kitchen while
simultaneously creating a well-organized structure to the proceedings of the kitchen. Turn table style
                                             appliances and storage units will greatly help when
                                             transforming a cluttered kitchen into a purposeful and
                                             organized kitchen.

                                              Another piece of advice that all homeowners should take
                                              when reorganizing their kitchen is to make use of the walls.
                                              Vertical space in most rooms often goes unused but
                                              especially so in the kitchen.

                                               Yes, cupboards and shelves will usually line the walls of a
                                               kitchen but the wall spaces where these are not will
typically go unutilized. By placing rods or hooks on to the walls a homeowner can utilize this space for
hanging pots, pans, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, etc.

Similarly, the space under the sink can be best used by installing other hooks or dowels on which to
hang spray bottles of cleaning supplies. This will free up the floor space under the kitchen sink for
additional storage.
Storing Food with Foodsaver Bags
To create more space and provide a system of organization to food storage, Foodsaver bags should be
considered to be used. Foodsaver bags will vacuum seal leftover or excess food allowing for an increase
of food storage space by shrinking the storage device to
the same size as the food itself.

Organizing a pantry will greatly benefit from Foodsaver
technology as will the use of jars, containers, and proper
labeling. Storing pantry items in these labeled jars and
containers will help to organize and coordinate the
pantry into a workable storage unit, and not just a dark
closet full of food.

By incorporating a little organization and ingenuity into
the layout of the kitchen, a family can enjoy the benefits of a well-structured kitchen.

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