Keeping Produce Fresh and Keeping Costs Down by mcclainmy


									Keeping Produce Fresh and Keeping Costs Down
Finding ways to minimize your grocery bill can be difficult when you are feeding an entire
family. There are a lot of people that have a hard time cutting down on the cost of their food
without also minimizing the quality of the food that they are eating.

It may be easier than you think to eat quality food at a low price. Taking time to assess your
eating and spending habits may result in you being able to find areas where you can improve and
looking for creative solutions to solve your problems.

Tailoring to Tastes
First, you should be well aware of what your family does and does not like eating on a daily
basis. You may have some picky eaters in your family and it is important that you understand
how you are going to appease the picky eaters while also keeping everyone well fed.

There are a lot of people that do not realize that a
main contributor to wasted money with food is
food that goes bad. Buying a whole lot of
produce can be a great way to get your family to
eat fresh foods, but if you do not eat all of it you
will have to throw it away rather quickly.

To combat this, you may want to start by honestly
assessing how much you are actually going to be
able to eat. Rather than overestimating, try to
make sure that you are only buying enough to
feed your family rather than any extra.

When you buy fresh produce you want to make sure that you take the time to prepare it.
Prepping the fresh food can ensure that you will actually eat the food that you have and that you
can easily take the food that you have been purchasing.

It does not take a lot of time to eat food that has already been prepped and if you can do all of
your prep in one sitting, it will be much quicker to eat healthy foods throughout the week. Once
you have prepped the foods, you will need to store them properly.

Storing prepped produce will require a container that is not going to let air into it. When your
fresh produce is coming in constant contact with the air, you will find that you are going to have
overripe produce on your hands very quickly.

Using Foodsaver Bags
Finding a foodsaver bag that you like can be a great way to store your produce. A foodsaver bag
will allow you to vacuum seal the produce into the bag and ensure that you are going to be able
to get your food out and have it be as fresh as possible.
Working with a few different foodsaver bags can be a
beneficial way to decide which bag is going to work
the best for you. Don’t be afraid to do some research
about the different bags ahead of time, this way you
can be sure that whatever you find will meet your

Take time figuring out what works best for you. Once
you do, you may find that you are able to save a lot of
money by not having to throw away food that has gone

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