Lease of House or Cottage as Vacation Property
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					                Lease of House or Cottage as Vacation Property

Agreement made on the (date), between Owner, of (street address, city, county, state,
zip code), referred to herein as Owner, and (Name of Tenant) of (street address, city,
county, state, zip code), referred to herein as Tenant.

1.     Owner leases to Tenant and Tenant leases from Owner, for the term of this
Agreement, the house (or cottage) located at (street address, city, county, state, zip
code), and being hereafter referred to as Premises. Premises may be more particularly
described as follows: (legal description).

2.      The term of this Lease is for (number) week(s), beginning on (date) at (time of
day) and ending on (date) at (time of day). The rent for this Lease is $__________ per
week, payable in advance. A nonrefundable deposit of $__________ shall be paid on or
before (date) in order to reserve Tenant's reservation. Said deposit will be applied to the
rental for the first week. The balance of the rent of $__________ is due and must be
delivered to Owner with this signed Lease Agreement no later than (number) days prior
to the commencement of the lease term. Payments must either be in cash or by check
payable to Owner at (street address, city, county, state, zip code).

3.      The maximum occupancy of the Premises is (number) persons. The Premises
will be used during the above dates for no more than (number) adults (persons age 18 or
older) and (number) children. No pets are allowed. No more than (number) automobiles
are allowed.

4.      Tenant shall pay to Owner a security deposit of $___________. If Tenant fully
complies with all terms of this Lease Agreement, Owner shall return the security deposit
at the end of the lease term. If Tenant does not fully comply with the terms of this Lease
Agreement, Owner may use security deposit to pay amounts owed by Tenant, including
but not limited to damages, repairs, losses, charges, cleaning, and telephone. Owner
shall return the security deposit to Tenant, less any deductions, after inspection of the
Premises and receipt by Owner of the telephone bill [approximately (number) weeks
after the end of the lease term].

5.      Owner shall provide water, electricity, and heating. Local telephone calls when
available are free, with long distance calls to be charged to Tenant's calling card, credit
card, or called party. No cleaning services are provided. Tenant must
leave the Premises broom-clean upon departure.

6.      All furniture, furnishings, boats, boating equipment, appliances, cooking
and serving utensils, and other personal property of Owner shall be left in good order
and repair by Tenant. If Tenant fails to leave such property in good order and repair,
Owner may make repairs and charge Tenant the cost of repair over and above the
security deposit. Tenant must not alter, change, or add to the Premises without
permission from Owner.
7.     The following items are not provided under this Lease: towels, linens, paper
products, clear plastic bags, cooking charcoal, and gasoline (for boats). Tenant must
provide these items.

8.      No loud noise, including but not limited to loud music, is permitted. Tenant may
cook only in the specific areas set aside by Owner for cooking. No open fires are allowed
other than in the grill, outdoor fireplace, or in the stone hearth. The grill must remain in
open area, away from trees, house, etc. All fires must be thoroughly extinguished before
leaving unattended.

9.       Tenant must sort plastic, glass, newspaper, and cans into separate trash
receptacles from other garbage. All trash must be removed from the Premises upon
checkout. Between (month and day) and (month and day), Tenant must put sorted trash
in the trash containers and recycling bins provided by Owner and leave the sorted trash
out to be picked up on (day of week). All trash must be placed in clear plastic bags.

10.   Owner has the right, at reasonable times, to enter the Premises to examine,
make repairs, or show the Premises to potential tenants.

11.     Tenant must keep the grounds neat and clean. No smoking is allowed inside the
cottage (or house). No cigarette filters are to be left on the Premises, including the
fireplace, before departure. Vehicles may be driven only on the driveway and must be
parked in the parking area provided.

12.     Owner shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to property or injury to
persons, occurring in or about the Premises, by reason of any existing or future
condition, defect, matter, or thing in the Premises or for the acts, omissions, or
negligence of other persons or tenants in and about the Premises. Tenant agrees to
indemnify and hold Owner harmless from all claims and liability for losses of or damages
to property or injuries to persons occurring in or about the Premises.

13.     Tenant agrees to keep the Premises and all parts of the Premises in a
clean and sanitary condition and free from trash, i
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Description: This is a sample of a form for the rental of a house or cottage as vacation property for one or more weeks.
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