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Hippocratic Council 0809 (DOC)


									Hippocratic Council 08/09
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University of Western Ontario

Meeting # 2: November 12 6:30 PM Room H101

I. Opening business 1) Call to order 2) Approve minutes from last meeting 3) Approve agenda II. Business a) Sarah K, President 1) USC President- Stephen Lecce – 25 min USC Video Q&A 2) Dean’s Town Hall 3) Hippo Council Holiday Gift Exchange b) Natashia S, Athletics Director 1) MedGames c) Trish U, VP Academic 1) Concerns about academics and dates of events involving several med schools d) Kelly M and Ashley G, Community Relations 1) Blood drive e) Elena P, Fundraising 1) Distribute 'yes, i'd like to be a hippocratic donor today' sheets f) Brad R, VP Finance 1) Update on finances g) John S and Caitlin S, VP External 1) Representation matters? h) Brett H, 2010 Vice President 1) Meds 2010 Workbook Project i) Elizabeth R, VP Internal

1) SWIC Windsor-to-London/London-to-Windsor weekends 2) VERC working group
IV. New Business V. Closing Business

a) Announcements b) Adjournment

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