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									 On the Move
              Flint                             Emily
              Brenton,                          Melton,
              AccelOps                          U.S. Venture
               The Santa                        Partners
               Clara pro-                     The Menlo
               vider of                       Park venture
               integrated                     capital firm
security, performance            named Emily Melton as a
and availability-monitor-        venture partner. Previ-
ing software named Flint         ously, she was a partner
Brenton president and            at DFJ.
chief executive officer.
He is a former executive                      Will
Cisco Systems.                                Mosley,
              Andrea                          Pacific
              Eubanks de                      American
              Jounge,                         Bar As-
              SnapLogic                       sociation of
              The San            Silicon Valley
              Mateo              The Palo Alto organization
              provider of        that helps develop profes-
cloud integration software       sional skills and encour-
named Andrea Eubanks             ages community service
de Jounge vice president         participation named Will
of marketing. Previously,        Mosley to its board of
she held management              directors. Currently, he is
positions at VMware,             a member of Kilpatrick
Oracle and Macromedia.           Townsend & Stockton’s
                                 patent litigation team.
              Dixon Fiske,
              FrontRange                        Spencer
              The Milpitas                      Stratton,
              provider                          Bay Area
              of hybrid                         Develop-
              IT service                        ment Co.
              manage-                          The Walnut
ment software appointed                        Creek lend-
Dixon Fiske senior vice          er that works with banks
president of worldwide           named Spencer Stratton
field operations. He is          vice president and busi-
former senior vice presi-        ness development officer.
dent of worldwide sales at       He has served on the
Engine Yard.                     board of directors for the
                                 Risk Management Asso-
              Tom Fortier,       ciation in San Francisco.
              The global                        Christy
              architec-                         Wyatt,
              tural firm,                       Good
              which has                         Technology
              an office in
San Francisco, named                           The
Tom Fortier vice president                     Sunnyvale
and director of science                        provider of
and technology. He has           secure enterprise mobility
helped lead multi-stake-         software named Christy
holder planning and              Wyatt president and chief
design teams for clients         executive officer. Recent-
including Stanford Univer-       ly, she was global head
sity and the U.S. Depart-        of Citigroup’s consumer
ment of Energy.                  electronic business and
                                 mobile technology.
                                                Ryan Craft,
              Technology                       The San
              Labs                             Jose
                                               product and
              The global                       package
              manage-                          testing lab
ment consulting, technol-        named Ryan Craft vice
ogy services and out-            president of the San
sourcing company named           Diego site. Previously, he
Janet George managing            was site manager at the
director and will work in        company.
the San Jose office. Previ-
ously, she held positions                       Nora
at Yahoo.
              Kamiya,                           The San
              Humane                            Jose
              Society Sili-                     product and
              con Valley                        package
                                 testing lab named Nora
               The Milpitas      Crivello vice president of
               indepen-          operations. Previously,
dent, nonprofit organiza-        she was quality manager
tion offering adoptions,         at the company.
medical services and
education programs
named Cristie Kamiya
vice president of medical
center operations. Previ-
ously, she served as lead
veterinarian at the Dumb
Friends League.

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