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Hello and good morning to the breakfast show. It’s a Monday and what better way for me to kick-start your day with songs that have made our well-known musicians the legends they are today. First on our play list is man who over the years earned his nickname “the man in black” originally recorded this song in 1956 for sun records labels. He was inspired to write this song after seeing the movie “Inside the Walls of Folsom prison” while serving in the United States Air Force. This man even preformed this song some years later for the inmates … it’s Mr Johnny Cash with “Folsom prison blues”

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That was music from Johnny Cash and now it’s time for a quick news update, it’s over to the newsroom!


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For a bit of entertainment news from myself Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” was actually released 25 years ago today, it became the biggest selling album of all time, we should really be playing some music from that CD out of respect but NO we won’t
Name: Laura McGlynn Class: MGH1

because you’ve been voting for your favourite song all week and the winning band will be played shortly, but we have to take a quick ad break so stay tuned and keep those texts coming in.

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Now back to the music. We’re going to go in a complete different musical direction for this next song. This is the listeners’ choice. They first started out as a punk rock group in 1979 and switched to hip-hop in 1986, This is one of their best known songs and the funny thing is the band haven’t preformed it live since 1987. It has been covered on a numerous of occasions and it started one of the most famous phrases in history…of course it’d have to be the Beastie Boys and “You’ve got to fight for your right to party”


Track 2, Fight for your right

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We’re sadly coming to the end of our show but remember we’ll have the legendary Bob Dylan in the studio. He is over here promoting his new album “Modern Times” and he’s also touring throughout Ireland. You could be in with a chance to win V.I.P tickets to his concert. So get you questions ready and tune in tomorrow-same time and same place. Now I’ll leave you with the rest of the Beastie Boys.

Name: Laura McGlynn Class: MGH1

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