Youth Ideas: Love Birds on a Perch by sappken


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Youth Ideas: Love
 Birds on a Perch

     This is a high energy
    elimination game for
 Valentine's Day where one
  couple is eliminated from
play each round until there is
    only one couple left.

 Game Description
 Every time the Valentine’s
 day music stops, participant
 must pair up with their
 designated partner.

 Game Materials
 •   Valentine’s Day Music – Use
     a few romantic tunes or
     famous love songs.
 •   Large open area for people
     to mingle.

Game Setup
1.   All girls must stand shoulder to
     shoulder in a circle facing
2.   All the guys form a circle
     around them, with each guy
     facing his chosen partner
3.   Make adjustments so that the
     inner and outer circles contain
     an equal number of people.
4.   Girls and guys must take note
     of their Valentine as they will
     need to find each other again
     every time the music stops.
Game Play
1.   Staying in a circle, the girls begin
     walking clockwise.
2.   The guys walk counterclockwise,
     also maintaining their circle
     around the girls.
3.   When the music stops and the
     leader calls out “Lovebirds on a
     perch”, both circles stop and the
     Valentine’s Day couples must
     immediately move to find their
4.   The guy must get down on one
     knee with the other knee
     extended so that the girl may sit
     on it. The slowest couple to
     assume the “Lovebird on a
     perch” position is eliminated.

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