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									                       Understanding Tax Planning And its Benefits

Business growth brings in higher revenues for the enterprises and a higher earning potential for

the workforce. The governments however, deduct a percentage of earnings in the form of taxes.

For the enterprises this is in the form of corporate tax. Irrespective of the enterprise being an

SME or large conglomerate, corporate taxes include income, capital, net worth along with other

such as sales tax etc. Most often, enterprises as well as individuals try to evade tax payment. Since

paying taxes is a necessity and tax evasion a crime, involving in efficient tax planning will put one

on the safer side.

Tax planning is defined as a process which helps individuals and organizations to evaluate their

financial status and their tax liabilities. To reduce the cases of tax evasion, the government gives

tax incentives and tax relief packages. The tax incentives offered by the government can be

availed by every citizen of the country. Nevertheless, to reduce the tax liabilities both enterprises

and the individuals needs to follow prudent tax planning. Efficient tax planning involves a

thorough analysis of ones' investments, expenditures, income and profits generated and

understanding of the liability.

For the business enterprises, tax planning is a vital aspect of their financial success. By deploying

the services of qualified tax consultants, enterprises can make use of the legal technicalities to

their advantage. The tax consultants help the enterprises to estimate their tax amounts and

manage their finances with best alternatives and facilitate solutions for a profitable business. The

workforce also needs to understand their tax liability and plan their taxes religiously.

The taxpayers need to file their taxes. However, in case of failure the income tax departments

through the various amnesty programs allow the tax defaulters to pay their taxes in full.

Enterprises with a global presence and offshore workforce, is considered tax evasion as an easy
option. However,    the     Overseas Voluntary disclosure program and regulations of the US

Government makes it compulsory for the multinationals bring to disclose all sources of income

and immovable and movable properties across various locations. This helps to bring forth the any

undisclosed accounts, foreign bank accounts of both individual and enterprise.

Tax consultants at leading tax planning service provider studies and understands       the client's

requirements and the changing tax regulations. They help the tax payer with decisions on

reducing tax burdens, tax evasions, available tax reliefs and also on FBAR. Effective tax planning

will help the taxpayer avoid the penalties that come with tax evasion or delayed filing of FBAR.

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