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The purpose of the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association’s Personal &
Professional Development Program (PDP) is to assist in furthering the careers and improving the
mental and physical health and life satisfaction of our association members.

The PDP is a benefit available to all members in good standing with the association, who find
and can demonstrate a financial need for assistance in reaching a goal that would improve their
life or career. As an association of busy, hardworking professionals, we understand that finding
either the time or money to put toward life-improving activities outside of work can be extremely
challenging. This program aims to assist in lessening the financial burden of taking part in
activities such that our members can find their way toward leading a happier and more
productive work and home life.

Personal & professional development activities that may apply to this grant program may
include, but not be limited to:


    Learning a new hobby, or taking lessons pertaining to one (i.e. playing guitar, rock
     climbing, scuba diving, etc.)

    Attending an event or activity related to an area of personal interest

    Purchasing books/tapes/CDs/classes to learn a new language


    Attending a seminar or class related to any facet of being a turfgrass employee

    Continuing higher education through universities or online

    Taking golf lessons

    Taking a test aimed at achieving licensing or certification (i.e. QAC/QAL, PCA,
     Irrigation Auditor, etc.)

    An activity or outing designed to boost crew morale

    Attending an association golf or educational event
The PDP functions as follows:

      Members may apply for a PDP grant at any point during the year

      Applications for PDP grants will be reviewed and/or approved monthly at SNGCSA
       BOD meetings

      When necessary, PDP applicants may be asked to attend the BOD meeting for further
       questioning during review of their application

      PDP grants may be awarded for the full cost, a matched portion, or any partial portion, of
       the activity applied for, up to $500; applicants should be clear in their application if they
       are seeking full, matched or partial reimbursement

      PDP applicants who are awarded grants will be required to utilize their own funds
       initially, then provide the Board with both receipt of payment and some form of official
       completion of activity applied for, at which time the association will reimburse them for
       the funds granted to them by approval of their application

      Once PDP funds (20% of net Scholarship & Research proceeds) are exhausted, no further
       grants will be considered until after the next Scholarship & Research fundraising event

      The SNGCSA Board reserves the right to deny any application deemed inappropriate,
       incomplete or not in the character of the objectives of the program, as well as for any
       current or historical issues with the good standing of the applicant in the association
       (professionally and/or financially)

In order to apply for a PDP grant, applicants must provide the following:

     Full Name, Course/Organization, Position

     Description of activity interested in participating in, including any associated dates,
      timelines, multiple occurrences, location, etc. (<250 words)

     Description of need (i.e. what financially prohibits you, personally or professionally,
      from paying for this on your own) (<250 words)

     Description of how the activity will improve your personal or professional life (<250

     Total cost of activity applying for, amount of grant requesting (if different) and indication
      of request for full, partial or matched grant funding for the activity

All applications should be submitted via mail, e-mail or fax to the association office and/or Irene
Cline to be passed on to the Board for review.
     Personal & Professional Development Program
Member’s Full Name:            ______________________________________________________

Course/Organization:           ______________________________________________________

Position Held:                 ______________________________________________________

Please describe (<250 words) the activity you (or one of your employees) is interested in
participating in, including any associated dates, timelines, multiple occurrences, location, etc.


Please describe (<250 words) your need for this grant (i.e. what financially prohibits you,
personally or professionally, from paying for this on your own)


Please describe (<250 words) how this grant and associated activity will improve your personal
and/or professional life


       Total cost of activity applying for:           ____________________________

       Amount of grant requested:                     ____________________________

       Requested funding is for:                      Full            Partial        Matched

            Please submit application to the current SNGCSA Board of Directors at:

 SNGCSA, 5322 N. Leonard Ave., Clovis, CA 93611; Fax (559) 298-6957;

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